With its enclosed design, the Intelix AVO-A2-F may be used stand-alone, or may also be rack-mounted by using an optional rack-mount kit. Audio connectors are RCA-female, color-coded white and red for use with standard audio interconnect cables , while the connection to the twisted-pair cable is via RJ If you want the very best RJ45 pre-terminated twisted-pair cables, please check out our VideoTwist Cat-6 cables. Used in pairs, the AVO-A2-F is the perfect solution for transmitting two channels of analog audio over structured cabling, such as Cat 5. Simply place an AVO-A2-F at each end of your cable run and connect your source and destination devices.

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Liberty AVO-A2-F



Intelix AVO-A2-F Stereo Audio Balun



INTELIX AVO-A2-F CAT5 ADAPTER 1x audio channel, 2x RCA (phono)


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