Zygmunt Bauman : Beskrajno mnogo puta. A to se onda reflektira na mene, na moju moralnu savjest. Moja moralna obaveza je uvijek o korak ispred tvoje obaveze. Kako to pomiriti? Ali tad se nije radio o moralnosti, nego o konformizmu.

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Bagdasaryan, N. K voprosu o kharaktere nauki: ne difirintsirovatj, a integrirovatj [To a question of character of science: not to differentiate, but to integrate]. Epistemologiya i filosofiya nauki, XL 2 , in Russian. Filosofiya nauki i tehniki, 21 2 , in Russian. Bauman, Z. Individualizirovannoe obshestvo [The individualized society]. Moscow, Ves mir in Russian. Plynni chasy. Zhyttya v dobu nevpevnosty [Liquid modernity.

Living in an age of uncertainty]. Kyiv, Krytyka in Ukrainian. Bek, U. Obshhestvo riska. Na puti k drugomu modernu Risk Society [On the way to another modernity]. Moscow, Progress-Tradicija in Russian. Bell, D. Experience of social forecasting]. Moscow, Akademija in Russian. Dzoban, O. Suchacne suspilstve yak suspilstvo z deformovannoy vidpovidalnisyu za praceyu Z.

Seriya: Filosofiya, filosofiya prava, politolohiya, sotsiolohiya, 31 4 , in Ukrainian. Ivanenkov, S. Osobennosti tsennostnih orientatsiy molodezhi na sovremennom etape [Features of value orientations of youth at the present stage]. Upravlencheskoe konsultirovanie, 12, in Russian. Kravchenko, S. Stanoviashajiasjia slozhnajia sotsialjnajia realnostj: problema novykh ujiazvimostej [The becoming difficult social reality: problem of new vulnerabilities].

Sotsiologicheskie issledovania, 5, in Russian. Saifudinova E. Otnoshenie k trudu i professionalnoj dejatelnosti molodyh ljudej v konce XX — pervyh desjatiletijah XXI vv. Fomenko, A. K osmysleniju filosofii cheloveka i kapitala v koncepcii Zigmunta Baumana [To comprehend the philosophy of man and capital in the concept of Zygmunt Bauman]. Shtompka, P. V fokuse vnimania povsednevnajia zhiznj. Novyj povorot v sotsiologii [Everyday life in focus of attention.

New turn in sociology], Sotsiologicheskie issledovania, 8, in Russian. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Saifudinova South Ukrainian national pedagogical university named after K. Keywords: man, labor, capital, individualized society, values, adaptation, changes. Abstract The purpose of this work is to study the process of existence of a social structure, both in the social and in the personal manifestation.

The philosophical works of recent decades is a well-founded attempt to describe the changes that have already taken place in society, but that have buried the old rigid, stable forms of the social outlook, giving rise to more flexible, uncontrolled, chaotic social structures that exist outside of state and formalized public participation.

Individuals found themselves in such a free social structure. They have the opportunity, independently relying on their own resources and desires, experiencing a minimum of pressure from the community, which ceases to require follow the rules and examples, finally appropriating their own directions for future development.

Personality no longer formulates the goal to achieve, but it only sets the direction for movement in the short term. This helps and significantly changes directions, and use more diverse resources, is in constant search.

Thus, creating their own social conditions, which, taking into account the growing mobility of the social structure, change both the society of its constituent individuals and the relations between them. It is also difficult for new rights and duties formalization, previously embodied in laws, rules, morality, etc. At the same time, changes that take place with each individual separately, change the social environment in which the individual is, forming new relationships, hierarchies, connections, resources.

References Bagdasaryan, N. Globalizacija [Globalization]. Moscow, Logos in Russian. Saifudinova, O. Changing the role of personality and the social structure in contemporary philosophical concepts. Grani , 20 9 ,


Changing the role of personality and the social structure in contemporary philosophical concepts

Neoliberal globalisation apologists seek to highlight its positive characteristics, while its critics point to a whole series of negative characteristics. This other theoretical orientation belongs to Zygmunt Bauman. His attitude towards globalisation is highly negative: in itself, globalisation carries a number of negative risks, of which the most difficult is the one that leads to the possible self-destruction of humanity. Therefore, he decisively stated that if we do not develop the perception of planetary responsibility and the ability to foresee the future, cataclysm is quite certain and real. Shibboleth authentication is only available to registered institutions.








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