There are seven systems of existence which are created by the seven spirit of God. Revelation , The seven spirit of God, each had manifested on Earth and lived as human being. These and much more mysteries are revealed in this Great book. This book brings to mankind, the faithful and the faithless, secrets from Heaven.

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There are seven systems of existence which are created by the seven spirit of God. Revelation , The seven spirit of God, each had manifested on Earth and lived as human being. These and much more mysteries are revealed in this Great book. This book brings to mankind, the faithful and the faithless, secrets from Heaven.

Let the reader of this Holy book do so under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and be led to a higher level of divine knowledge and spirit Certainly, he who reads and understands will rise beyond whatever is his present level in spirit. In the eternal strength of the Omniscient God, he who has ears to hear will practically live above the ubiquitous network of bondage. Children of men, Knowledge is Power. But remember that higher knowledge brings higher responsibility.

In the days of old, God spoke through Prophet Hosea and said: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" Hosea It means that spiritual ignorance, designated as 'lack of knowledge' is a major framework of destruction. A person or group of persons can be manipulated and destroyed via the lack of bonafide spiritual knowledge. This material exposes, amongst other things, a high den of darkness in the 'inner-space', known as the 'Psychic Monitoring Satellite System', which coordinates all sorts of vicious astral attacks against money and financial ventures in the world of man.

Remember that God Himself said: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" Hos. If you faithfully study this material, from the beginning to the end, and put into practice the things exposed here; and also use all the divine decrees in this treatise as directed, your money and financial ventures will never go down in this world. These are not mere human words subject to probabilities and failures; they are divine words that must be physically manifested, and you will bear witness of it.

This I know. It is said that the value of the arrow lies in the hand behind the bow. The tongue will know whether something is sweet or sour only when it has tasted it. No power of darkness will play astral games anymore with your means of livelihood, for as long as you uphold the knowledge in this material, especially this April Updated Standard Version, which replaces the previous edition.

Note: All calls should be made during office hours 8am -- 5pm Nigeria time Monday to Friday or 10am -- 2pm on Saturdays. It is said that when a child is crying and pointing to a particular direction, if his father is not there, his mother is there.

The big tree you see today was ones a small seed. The nets are made for catching the fish in the river, not the one already in the basket. It is when you sit on pin that you appreciate the importance of Blessed is the man who goes hunting for rat but catches elephant.

Let no earthman spit out the juicy morsel which good fortune had placed in his mouth. The mad man says there is still a lot of work to be done, provided nobody gets mad. Blessed is the man who befriends an eagle, for, behold, he will always look up to the sky. Some things exposed here are coming to earth-world for the first time. This treatise is based on deep spiritual teachings, which the LORD of the universe Himself and the great Angelic Beings in the Heavenly realms of light gave to the Harbinger of the Last Covenant, for publication in the world of man, in the course of their divine visitations.

It is made for the entire children of men, irrespective of diverse religious, tribal, philosophical, traditional persuasion and believe systems. For as long as you are a human being, endeavor to read this material.

And if you have never read any book in your earth-life, endeavor to read this one. Remember, to know the truth takes the fool longer than the wise. What are the departed saints of ages learning now in Heaven? Who are the watchers in the Heavenly realms and what do they do? How does the book of remembrance in Heaven affect humans on Earth?

How do the recently departed believers acclimatize in the realms beyond? What are the mysteries of the Lord's for Please, if you have not read this work, do well to. For, it will be of help to you in this journey of life. Stay blessed. Endeavor to watch, for there is more than the eyes can see.

Happy Sunday My Lovely Friends. Now, earthmen, let it be known that we, the children of men, are our own problems. We beset ourselves with diverse predicaments; some from the angles that we know, some from the angles that we generate but know not. For there is no smoke without fire. And what about divine guidance in which lies the solution to all the problems and vicissitudes of life? Guidance is provided by the Great Lord Jesus the Christ for the children of men on the path of Light.

Is it not we, the children of men, who have refused to change and walk upon the path of His divine guidance? Behold, the Lord seeks to guide us back to Himself; to help us overcome ourselves, to save us from ourselves; but we must seek Him, so as to receive this guidance.

What do you seek in the journey of life? Seek the Lord of the Universe alone, for in Him is the solution to all the problems of life. It is not the Almighty Father that should bend towards the children of men; it is we, the children of men, that must bend towards Him -- the Almighty. And when you receive His Mercy, it means that you have Him unto yourself in the journey of life. Blessed is the one that knows the Almighty Father in the journey of life; for, behold, he knows all things that should be known, and he has all things that he should have.

Earthmen, bear in mind and always remember that we reap what we sow in the journey of life -- "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" Gal. Whether or not you know it, you reap what you sow in the journey of life. Do good always and good will follow you as you reap the reward of good. Be conscious of this at all times and live by it. And let 'good' speak for you always before the Throne of God.

Higher truth of existence Now, earthman, remember the admonition of the Great Lord Jesus But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved" Math. Earthman, do not dwell on the path of iniquity, for there is no divine ascent therein. He who abides within the path of iniquity, will resonate the consequences of his iniquity and the iniquity of his forefathers upon himself.

I tell you, such a Soul is not wise in the world of man. Be a wise 'child', Oh earthman. A wise child will kill what killed his father, but a foolish child will be killed by what killed his father. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear. Astral wars against earthman part The teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ is not an option, that you like you follow you like you reject.. It is enforce now from the realm of the spirit It is upon all to live in line with Christ teachings..

Covid Beyond the surface pt Earthman, know and understand that, what you don't know is bigger than you. Watch, let us rise in light to recognize our oneness in Him GOD.. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Buy Prof. CALL: on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts.

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