Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Excel Table of Contents. Fan coil unit controllers.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Excel Table of Contents. Fan coil unit controllers. Page 5: Revision Overview Disconnect the power supply before you start to in- stall the Excel 50 Controller. Meter-Bus adapter Fig. Excel 50 Controller housing Fig. Mounting accessories Fig. Attach the DIN rail mounting clips to the housing as shown in Fig.

For proper installation, follow these instructions. Read all of section "Installation" carefully. Lightning Protection Please check with your local Honeywell representative for Fig. Input circuit diagram Table 5. Page Digital Inputs Analog outputs can be used, for example, to operate valve or damper actuators. The digital inputs are protected against short circuit and overvoltage up to 24 Vac and 40 Vdc. Technical Description Supply: The digital outputs are switched by a triac that can be Several relay modules can be connected in series via the connected directly to an external relay.

Page Connection Examples Fig. Digital outputs, direct connection of 3-position actuators Fig. Page Standard Transformers For the selection of the trans- want to connect to the Excel 50 Controller from Table 4. DC current must be considered if Connect sensors, transducers, etc. The Excel 50 Controller also has the capability to communicate with devices on a L network. The cable re- If the max. Belden part numbers are 9H — Power-up of the controller Controller hardware is defective.

May be caused by the Neuron chip firmware controller when a mismatch occurs on application checksums. Modem connection Cable Specifications The serial port of the Excel 50 controller accepts a standard Ready-made cables with the shield already connected to the modem cable with a female 9-pin connector.

The set-up is identical to that of a telephone modem connection, with the exception of the additional need for definition of the Ethernet address. Everything is described in it and you will need it. Deletion of the PIN number or resetting the controller will stop the above mechanisms.

America PW3 and tighten the screws on the front of the unit. This could cause damage to the Excel The Start-up sequence for standard and custom CARE applications is similar but does not include Modem Part: entry of configuration codes. LON-Bus Config. The following screen Page Select Application The initialization screen of the chosen application will appear. It presents information about the versions of the controller Rem.

Trend Buf. Setup available, please contact your local Honeywell branch Select Applic. This data file has a mix of hardware points for the necessary inputs and outputs to control fans, dampers, and other equipment.

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Where I can find user manual for XL50-MMI controller?

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Honeywell XL50-MMI Industrial Programmable Controller System Used UMP

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