Pidgin Mag Clearly people do not want you to rock. Listen, I have no control over this. If it were up to me everyone would rock. Rocking, in fact, would be some kind of requirement for just being a mammal.

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Pidgin Mag Clearly people do not want you to rock. Listen, I have no control over this. If it were up to me everyone would rock.

Rocking, in fact, would be some kind of requirement for just being a mammal. I think the presentations went pretty well. I liked the dude from Snohetta because he seemed like a pretty jolly guy and also I like the idea that their employees get 5 weeks off and work 9 to 6, though I have a hard time believing that any office actually functions that way.

Flogging by nature is public so why do people always say public flogging? Whatever, English, you are vexing me again. I mean if it works for dogs, it could work for us right? But you know what keeps you cool? Although I guess people make things that look bad all the time, but then again they think it looks good, but then if you really think about it, they probably worked really hard to make it look good to them, which is actually bad, so I guess people really do work hard to make things look bad, whether or not they think it looks good.

Oh man I am tired. I think that makes sense in my head. Anyway, I am particularly fond of the slide with the cow that flew across and the ramen slide. Those are my two favorite. Though I also liked the one Marc made with the soldier that comes out and shoots hearts and the Egyptian pyramid one. When I first saw that I laughed so hard. It was about midnight and things were still funny to me. But then things stopped getting funny around 4.

I think she's kinda funny personally even though what you posted wasn't that funny to me. I guess she's funniest when she's talking about architects. They can also be humorless. And they can also be intelligent, dedicated, and enormously creative. As for Annie's humor - she's young. Stevie Nicks, I want to be with you everywhere. I fear this whole thing will show up on This American Life. Brilliant, when coming from you as irony. And the letter is absolutley not in the same league as Sarah Vowell, who is touching and relevant and honestly quirky, not trying to be quirky.

Also: I'm an architect, and I'm not a douche bag, and I'm no more self-absorbed about my possibilities for wreaking positive change in the world than are my friends who are doctors, writers, and engineers. I think I'm far more the norm - among architects - than are the black-wearing Derridas-spouting caricature that the media loves. Stereotypes are easy. Work that actually furthers culture isn't. But again Let's not be too harsh. Gosh, you guys really react that strongly to her, huh?

I thought the letter was pretty funny, her blog is up and down, but it's a blog, you can't bring it everyday like that You know what's not funny? Getting personal with the sexual stuff, kinda over the line When I worked at a drug store during high school, I once had a lady come up to me and ask if we had douchebags.

I had to muster up everything I had in me to not laugh or point her in the direction of my esteemed co-workers. Are you sure you want to block this user and hide all related comments throughout the site? Features News Virtual Events Competitions. Jobs Talent Finder Active Employers. Schools School Blogs Forum. Features News Virtual Events. Jobs Talent Finder. People Firms Blogs Forum. Schools School Blogs. About Advertising Contact Newsletters Privacy. Search Archinect.

AP - would love to hear more about A. Choi Pecha Kucha. Im getting off on that picture right now I think she's trolling the profession a bit imo, and we are a very easy group to troll.

Note: Please replace "irony" above with "satire". Otherwise match to existing. Medusa History. Name that movie: 'Douchebags are a hygenic product. I take that as a compliment. Ding, Ding. You won. Block this user. Last Commented Threads Exception to 2-stair requirement? Companies won't hire me because I don't have professional experience with Revit Where to resume my career?

Where to resume my career?


Austin Kleon — Annie Choi: Dear Architects (An Open Letter)…you...

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Another Dear Architects letter



Dear Architects, I am sick of your sh1t



Sorry Annie, I was just distracted


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