Testo pavysdys. Atsiskaitymo tvarka. Abolina E. Forest sustainability and social policy: the role of ecosystem services. Chapter 6. In: Wallimann I ed.

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Rank J. Ignal in a NPP water bas in Growth of scots p in e. P in us sylvestris L. Kitas et al. Branch of science, author, title of article No. The concept of species and practical taxonomy: what is in -between? Evaluation of the DNA extraction method from ancient animal bones Baublys V. Use of mitochondrial DNA as a genetic marker in domesticated mammals M in imal and effective population size of conserved Lithuanian farm animals The method of Allium anaphase—telophase chromosome aberration assay Ex-situ stability of morphobiochemical properties of common caraway Carum carvi L.

Paprastojo kmyno Carum carvi L. Abundance of T4-type bacteriophages in municipal wastewater and sewage Repeated study of lead impact biomarkers in occupationally exposed workers Superoxide dismutase polymorphisms in wild po-pulations of herb Paris Paris quadrifolia L. Spontaneous micronuclei in embryos of the Black-headed Gull Larus ridibundus L.

Spontan in iai mikrobranduoliai rudagalvio kiro Larus ridibundus L. Frequency of micronucleated erythrocytes in wild fish from natural freshwater bodies Genetic variability of the Lithuanian human population accord in g to Y chromosome microsatellite markers Experimental in vestigation of iron and manganese removal from aerated underground water by one-power filtration.

The species composition of plant m in in g dipterous Insecta: Diptera of greenhouse surround in gs in Lithuania The growth and phenology patterns of herb Kitas Paris Paris quadrifolia L. Different forms of heavy metals, the ir concentrations and correlation in various soils of Lithuania A comparative study of heavy metals in the soils of cities and arable lands Census of bird communities in small forest fragments.

The canopy cover impact on the load of acidify in g compounds. Accumulation of technogenic radionuclides in water plants under chemical and the rmal pollution. Chemical ecology of blackflies: sexual dimorphism in cuticular washes of Wilhelmia equ in a L.

Diptera: Simuliidae Selective feed in g of Ponto—Caspian higher crustaceans and fish larvae in the littoral zone of the Curonian Lagoon.

Sublethal effects of heavy fuel oil on ra in bow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss alev in s Extracellular enzyme activities of aquatic bacteria in polluted environment. Amylolytic activity Amilolit in iai fermentai. Seasonal peculiarities of phytoplankton organic carbon release and heterotrophic utilization in different zones of a mesotrophic lake Gulb in as, Lithuania. Influence of chemical flaxseed treatment on microorganism communities in soil. A review of ecological in vestigations of the coolers of electric power plants.

Cytogenetic damage in viviparid snails in habit in g different lakes in Switzerland Evaluation of aquatic rout in e radioactive releases from the Ignal in a Nuclear Power Plant Peculiarities of anthropoclimate in forests of different spatial structure. Growth of scots p in e P in us sylvestris L. Biologijos mokytoja M. Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page:. More magazines by this user.

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„Ekologija“ 2003 m. turinys Contents of the journal „Ecology“ in 2003



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