Contact Us 65 Unidrive SP can control a wide range of industrial motors. Advanced User Guides. EZAT-2 Indexing. User Guides. Addendum Timer Relay Free Standing.

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All drives are going to trip at some point or other. Next time your Unidrive is throwing an error code, the following information may help. Our extensive experience in retrofit and new projects means we have the knowledge to look deep into the control system where we commonly find the peripheral devices are faulty rather than the drive module.

Our team of engineers are able to offer on site service and breakdown support throughout the UK to get you up and running again quickly. If you have a faulty drive but don't require on site support, Drives and Automation are able to repair them at our repair centre in Telford.

Our trained engineers will strip down your drive and send you a repair quotation. If you are happy to proceed we will repair the drive, clean it and load test it before returning it to you. Fast turnarounds are usually no problem! Get your faulty Unidrive SP repaired. The Unidrive SP is now a superceded product and is in it's maintenance period.

The maintenance period is expected to last up to ten years subject to raw material and component availability and will end in when no further manufacturer support will be available. Drives and Automation are able to supply refurbished units for certain models, simply contact us with details of your existing Unidrive SP and we will see if we can offer you a replacement.

Call us now on to enquire about a refurbished Unidrive SP. If you are wanting to upgrade your obsolete Unidrive SP to an M Series Drive, use our quick reference guide to choose the right replacement Drive for your application:. Call us now on to book an on site support visit from one of our trained engineers. Unidrive SP Error and Trip codes. Under voltage trip and restart levels are as follows: Drive voltage rating UU trip level UU restart level 2 OU DC link over voltage.

This could be because the d. This trip cannot be reset until the voltage falls below the maximum continuous level. AC AC instantaneous over current. SPd Overspeed 8 PS. AC I2t on drive output current see CtL Drive over-heat based on control board temperature see Ld1 Digital output overload 27 O. If the motor does not stop in 10seconds the drive trips immediately. See trips 36 and 37 below. When this trip occurs the drive mode becomes Open-loop and all the parameters are set to default.

The trip can only be removed by entering a load default command i. The drive will attempt to stop the motor before tripping except in Regen mode. This trip is initiated when phase loss is detected from d. This is either because the resistance exceeds the maximum measurable value or the drive was not enabled see This trip indicates that the power was removed when parameters were being saved which resulted in an error in a user save parameter bank.

The drive will revert back to the user save parameters that were last saved successfully. If errors occur in both banks an EEF trip is initiated. This trip will occur on every subsequent power up until parameters are saved again. Er Power down save parameters are saved during power down and can be saved when user parameters are saved. This trip indicates that the power was removed when parameters were being saved which resulted in an error in a power down save parameter bank.

The drive will revert back to the power down save parameters that were last saved successfully. This trip will occur on every subsequent power up until power down save parameters are saved again i.

This trip should never occur as there are no write only parameters in the drive. This can occur if the user program file in the drive is being accessed via comms at the same time. P Power module rectifier over temperature OIbr. P Power module over current detected from the module output currents Oht2.

P Power module heatsink over temperature OV. P Power module over voltage PH. P Power module phase loss detection PS. P Power module power supply fail OIdC. P Power module unidentified trip t - t User trips EnC11 Drive encoder trip: A failure has occurred during the alignment of the analogue signals of a SINCOS encoder with the digital count derived from the sine and cosine waveforms and the comms position if applicable.

This fault is usually due to noise on the sine and cosine signals. Er Data error from electronic nameplate data stored in selected position feedback device. Boot A write to a menu 0 parameter has been initiated via the keypad by exiting edit mode and parameter This occurs when Optn Parameter data or default difference data is being transferred from a SMART card to the drive, but the option module categories are different between source and destination drives.

This trip does not stop the data transfer, but is a warning that the data for the option modules that are different will be set to the default values and not the values from the card. This trip also applies if a compare is attempted between the data block and the drive. A SMART card is read-only if the read-only flag has been set or the card contains data blocks with numbers from to Attempting to create data blocks with numbers from to will always cause a trip.

Acc An attempt has been made to access a SMART card, but a card is not present or communications failure has occurred between the drive and the card.

This trip is also produced if an attempt is made to access a data block that has already been opened by an option module. Typ This trip is produced during a compare if the drive mode in the data block is different from the current drive mode and the file is a parameter or defaults differences file.

This trip is also produced if an attempt is made to transfer parameters from a parameter or default difference to the drive if the drive mode in the data block is outside the allowed range of drive modes for the drive. This trip only occurs if the compare has not already failed with the following trips: C. Typ, C. Optn, C. BUSy, C. Acc or C. Initialisation is required because the encoder type parameter Auto-configuration has been requested by changing parameter HF Option module in slot 1: hardware fault.

This could occur because the module cannot be identified, or the module has not indicated it is running within 5s of drive power-up, or an internal hardware fault has occurred in the module. If the module is removed after power-up the drive also produces this trip. The module has started the watchdog system, but has not subsequently serviced the watchdog within the timeout period. Er Option module in slot 1: error. The module has detected an error and tripped the drive.

The reason for the error is stored in parameter x. The option module is identified by the drive by an option code. The drive stores the codes of the modules fitted when the drive parameters are saved.

The stored codes are compared with the codes from the option modules at power-up. If a module is not present, but a code is stored in drive EEPROM to indicate that it should be fitted the drive trips. Er Option module in slot 2: error SL2. HF Option module in slot 3: hardware fault SL3. Er Option module in slot 3: error SL3.

Why use a DC Motor? Contact us for Breakdown support. Problems with your Unidrive SP Drive? This site uses cookies: Find out more. DC link under voltage. Under voltage trip and restart levels are as follows: Drive voltage rating UU trip level UU restart level DC link over voltage. The position feedback did not change or required speed could not be reached during the inertia test see Position feedback direction incorrect, or motor could not be stopped during the inertia test, or minimal movement phasing test failed see Drive encoder commutation signals connected incorrectly, or measured inertia out of range, or motor was rotating when the minimal movement phasing test started see Drive over-heat based on thermal model see High input voltage phase imbalance or input phase loss.

Failure to measure resistance during auto-tune or when starting in open-loop voltage modes 0 or 3. If an LED or LCD keypad are fitted directly to the drive, and the drive is in keypad reference mode, and the keypad is removed the drive produces this trip.

Power down save parameters are saved during power down and can be saved when user parameters are saved. User Program: attempted read of a write only parameter. User program: Variables and function block calls using more than the allowed RAM space stack overflow.


Control Techniques’ Unidrive V3: replace and repair of components

Unidrive m quick start guide english iss3. Book page 1 wednesday, j 8: 12 am. This guide is intended to provide basic information required unidrive v3 pdf manual in order to. Unidrive v3 features unidrive v3 pdf manual pre- configured application parameter sets known as macros which mean that the unidrive can be configured in minutes for a variety of industry standard applications, saving you time and money. Control techniques product marketing literature. Advanced user guides: title issue file type. The sp is a 22kw, 46a,


Unidrive SP Error and Trip codes

Their modality of operation is simple: at first the input power is converted into DC voltage thanks to a bridge rectifier, then it is balanced through capacitors and lastly, it is modulated again in a variable frequency. Among the most common inverters by Control Techniques that are used by both national and international companies to execute that type of work, there is the Unidrive V3. The product is made of quality components , specifically selected for their long-lasting lifespan. The wide diffusion of the Unidrive V3 inverters in factories and production plants during the past years, however, may be the cause of many problems for the businesses that are now looking for replacement components since the original pieces have been discontinued or are extremely hard to find. As leader company in the sale of industrial automation component replacements, Renovis offers to these companies simple, yet effective solutions to their problems, such as the fixing repair and sale of an extended variety of new or refurbished Unidrive V3 products.





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