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Add 3 Items to Cart. Rate Product. This is one of the best books if you want to learn the foundation concepts of coordinate geometry. It contains ample amount of conceptual questions. Don't waste money on other books.

Quality books are always low priced and provide higher value. Samir Roy Certified Buyer , Barrackpore 4 months ago. It is very awesome book for jeemain as well advanced level try this and don't confuse with other books. Just order it and enjoy the beautiful knowledge of mathematics.

Ajit Nayak Certified Buyer , Tamluk 10 months ago. I have both cengage and sl liney And i found that this book is best in theory. And also it is very low priced and budget book with the best content!!!!

Certified Buyer , Mahendragarh Oct, No doubt regarding the standard and quality of the book. Very rich content wise with a wide variety and numerous exercises and helpful examples too.

The book has got the theory and explanations useful in cracking the JEE coordinate maths part. However the print could have been better and spacious but that doesn't take away anything from the book.

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Questions and Answers. Q: What are the contents? Its only written cartesian coordinates on the cover. A: locus,straight lines,pair of straight lines, translation of axes, circles,parabola,hyperbola,ellipse and tonnes of problems on it.

Flipkart Customer. Report Abuse. Q: Is it suitable for jee mains. A: Yes this is a suitable choice for building up the speed and concept. But for getting the questions for mains level you must buy another book! Saud Javed. Q: does it contain only problems,no solution,no examples? Q: Is the explanation given in the book easy to understand for beginners?

Sunil Kumar. Q: Is this book helpful for prmo for class 10? Rohan Singha. Q: What chapters are present in the book? A: all the parts of conic,graphs etc. Q: is book contains parabola?? Q: Is it good for JEE preparation? Q: does that his book contain solutions to the question. A: No. But some exercises are given with a good variety of questions and answers to it are given at the last. If you are preparing for JEE, this one surely is a good one.

Q: Does this book contain conic section? A: no conic section. Chapters are coordinates,locus,line,polar eq,2 line,transformation of coordinates,circle,parabola,ellipse,hyperbole.. Safe and Secure Payments. Easy returns. You might be interested in.

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The elements of coordinate geometry



The Elements of Coordinate Geometry


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