The information in this product catalog is based on the experience gained in decades of research on the develop- ment and manufacture of seals and components for vibration control in the Freudenberg group. It represents the current state of our knowledge. The sealing effect of many products in the catalog is, however, not provided solely by the component. Indeed, in the specific application this effect depends on other parameters such as installation position and contact area, the pressure applied, operating temperature, media to be sealed, lubrication, vibration control-related effects and Simrit employs its leading technological expertise so that you benefit: We ana-lyse your entire system and fine-tune the individual components to each other in an optimum way.

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The information in this product catalogis based on the experience gained indecades of research on the developmentand manufacture of seals andcomponents for vibration control in theFreudenberg group.

It represents thecurrent state of our knowledge. The sealing effect of many products inthe catalog is, however, not providedsolely by the component. Indeed, in thespecific application this effect dependson other parameters such as installationposition and contact area, the pressureapplied, operating temperature, mediato be sealed, lubrication, vibrationcontrol-related effects and any ingressof dirt from the outside.

This and other,unknown, factors in practical use canhave a significant effect on the seals. Against this background, general statementson the function of the products inthe catalog are not possible. Informationin this catalog only represents recommendedvalues that are not correctin every application.

We thereforerecommend you to discuss your specificapplication with our advisory service. In cases with high or special loads, forexample due to aggressive media, theseal should be selected in collaborationwith us; here trials on reliability are oftenindispensable. In the context of product optimisation wereserve the right to change, without priornotice, the product range, productionsites, products and their manufactu ring process as well as the information in thiscatalog.

All previous issues become invalid onpublication of this issue of the catalog. KG, Weinheim,Germany. KGAll rights reserved. The Individual Materials We have Developed are Leaders WorldwideUniquely wide range ofstandard materialsWe produce more than a billion sealsannually from a production volume ofmore than 15, tons. When consideredas a whole, a range of material,which is unique in its quality and quantity,is available to you with more than1, mixtures of raw materialsfor your individual applications in sealsand vibration control.

A large proportionof these are standardised mixtures. Ofcourse, our competent team of expertswill advise and assist you fully — from theselection of the right materials via the testphase to the start of production.

Comprehensive performancepackage and much moreMaterials manufactured individually toyour wishes and requirements are unusuallyimportant in the comprehensiveperformance package from Simrit. Theuse of polymers, based on our own rawmaterials and tailored to your requirements,enables Simrit to develop highperformance materials which satisfy thehighest functional demands.

We use ourglobal materials database for the selectionof application-specific materials,which groups together the know-howof our experts, working worldwide, toform a network of top technologicalservices which we can call on at anytime. Finally, the appropriate materialwith the optimum characteristics for yourapplication is manufactured using computer-controlledprocedures, from theselection of the raw material to the compoundingprocess.

Of course, alwaysadhe ring to the highest standards inquality and processing and complyingwith ecological guidelines — in the interestsof your success and the environment.

Simrit Academy — Secure these Advantages for Your SuccessThe Simrit Academy offers youseminars which are tailored toyour needs in terms of contentand specialisation levels. Thereare numerous advantages foryou.

A know-how advantageYou receive information from more than20 qualified experts with regards tostate of the art products and materials. Thus ensu ring the correct selection ofparts as well as smooth workflows inyour production processes. IndividualityOur seminar programme covers theneeds of beginners and pros alike. Theselection is extensive, allowing for achoice appropriate to the level of knowledge. Practical relevanceReinforcement of theoretical knowledgethrough practical exercises.

At the sametime we invite you to view our productionand research facilities. ProductivityWith the knowledge that you havegained, you can increase your productivityby appropriately selecting thecorrect products and materials everytime. LanguagesAll attendance seminars are offered inboth German and English. Simultaneoustranslation is available at every InnovationsForum.

SustainabilityFor each Simrit Academy event, you willalso receive comprehensive documentationto accompany the course information. Simrit SeminarsYou visit our Academy on locationin Weinheim and directlyexperience all materials andproducts yourself. In doing so,you can choose one of threedifferent seminar categories. Simrit Basic SeminarParticipants without previous technicalknowledge can get to know the entire Simrit performance package. Simrit Professional SeminarBecome an expert on Simrit and obtaindetailed knowledge about all products,processes and materials.

Both in theoryand in practice. Simrit Seminar SpecialThe course contents are highly specialisedand concentrate on conveyingknowledge related to a specific productor material area. Innovation ForumInterested parties learn about all the new Simrit innovations in this lecture series,and can exchange knowledge and experiencewith panels of experts and withother participants. Additional detailed information onregiste ring and on the seminars can befound in the Simrit Academy Programme brochure, which you can orderor download from www.

Our service delivers thedesired seal within 24 hours. With Merkel Xpress from Simrit you canminimise your machine down-time — andtherefore production costs. At the sametime, you can reduce the number ofspare parts you keep in stock. The seal you needWhatever you need at short notice, wecan produce it within a few hours usingstate-of-the-art production technology.

Tailor-made to suit your requirements,from single seals for prototypes throughto mass production in economical batchsizes. Merkel Xpress saves you shapingcosts and minimum order quantities — byusing new materials and thanks to ourhigh-speed production and deliverysystems. A flexible production conceptfor every requirementWith the newest generation of speciallathes and software solutions developedto precisely satisfy customer demands,we can produce every machine-manufacturedseal possible, quickly and economically.

More than pre-programmedseal design types serve as a basis forour efficient and rapid manufactu ring processes. In this regard we work withboth special materials such as PEEK andFFKM, Original Simrit polyurethane and,of course, upon request every other market-standardmaterial for your specificapplication.

Realise Your ObjectivesQuickly with www. Thanks to a smartNavigation System — developedexactly to your requirements— the information youare looking for can be foundabout products and serviceswith just a few mouse clicks.

The new online presence from Simrit ,with integrated Smart Navigation, offersyou a particularly easy and quick workplatform for your Internet research. Whether youneed product information, material datasheets or want to access 3D-CAD data— in the user-friendly Simrit database youare sure to quickly find what your arelooking for.

Includingall technical details in three-dimensionaldisplay quality. The new Simrit eCatalogUp to The neweCatalog in the Simrit portal makes itpossible. And the best thing about it:The Simrit Product Navigator guides youin the easiest and most straightforwardmanner directly to the optimum productfor your application. Find — compare — select. Convince yourself. As a registered user of the my Simrit customer area, you benefit from thecontinuously expanding service advantages.

From initial query through productavailability to quick CAD downloadsand even accessing current news, youreceive true added value for a minimumof registration effort. The best thing to dois test us today. We speak your language:As a worldwide leading technologyspecialist, of course wealso make our Internet servicesavailable to you in your nativelanguage.

Right from the start,our new online presence isrepresented in the nationallanguage of the most importantindustrial markets. And, weare continually expanding ourportal for you. They aremainly used to seal stationary machinecomponents — static case — against fluidand gaseous media. In certain conditions,they can also be used as a dynamicsealing component for axial, rotatingand oscillating movement.

Product advantages In order to cover the widest possiblerange of technical applications,ISC O-Rings are supplied in variousdifferent material qualities: All catalogue materials forISC O-Rings are specified andcertified. MaterialOperating parameters range72 NBR Standard material, which can be used for most applications mineral oils, mineral oilbased hydraulic fluids, static pressures up to approx. ISC O-Rings made of these materials are not held in stock.

Packaged unitDelivery in standard packaging units of 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 - units, depending oncustomer requirements. Gap width: when using PTFE spiralback-up ring s, gap widths up to 0,3 mmcan be bridged at operating pressures.

Product advantagesAdvantage compared to conventionalback-up ring s:Even in cases where considerable temperaturefluctuations occur, i. Also suitable for non-standard diameters,as the ring can be shortened and thusadapted to fit.

Special sizes or special materials areavailable on enquiry. Product descriptionSpecial profiles, cords or hoses areutilised whenever large sealing contactareas cannot be effectively sealed byform seals or O- ring s, for example, intunnelling machines, ships engines andhatchways. Over different profilenozzles as well as numerous materialsarea available. In addition, the developmentand production of customer-specificdesigns is possible, where the tool costsare very low compared to shape relatedcomponents.

Advantages of batch vulcanisation: Peak tensile strength valuesIdentical elastomer as connectingelement provides long-lastingdurability. ApplicationComponents manufactured from profilesperform sealing tasks in numerous industrialsectors.

Heavy-duty mechanical enginee ring ,e. These featureoutstanding quality and durability. In exceptionalcases, production according to E1 is alsopossible. The lower compressionrequired as a result of the four lipsealing profile makes them favourableto round profiles and results in cost advantagesdu ring installation.

In addition,X-Profiles can easily be used in a rectangulargroove thanks to their contour. Thedecisive advantage of the X-Profile is thatthe risk of tilting and twisting is minimiseddue to the larger bea ring surface. Profile nozzlesBelow is a selection of the profilenozzles in stock. Individual tools can be developed andproduced for special designs on enquiry. This normally takes around 4 weeks.

Profiles for Static ApplicationsCordThe endless, extruded cord with O- ring profile serves as base material for cord ring s, among others. These are used,for example, for the sealing of largerflanges or tank lids. Range By the metre: From 1 to 40 mm cord diameteravailable Cord sections: Produced from cord supplied by themetre From 1 to 40 mm cord diameter Up to mm length without integralbend possible.

Cord ring sArticle listCord ring s are extruded cords, whichare cut to the appropriate diameter andbonded or vulcanised to butt.

RangeCord ring s are produced from cord suppliedby the metre. They are availablewith a cord diameter from 1 to 40 mm. A two-part adhesive can be used forbonding to butt. TolerancesThe range of tolerances tends towardsthe negative side as a certain amount ofelongation of ring s with a large diameteris possible at any time du ring installationwithout causing an appreciable tape ring of the cross section.


Simrit 2007 Catalogue O-ring

The information in this product catalogis based on the experience gained indecades of research on the developmentand manufacture of seals andcomponents for vibration control in theFreudenberg group. It represents thecurrent state of our knowledge. The sealing effect of many products inthe catalog is, however, not providedsolely by the component. Indeed, in thespecific application this effect dependson other parameters such as installationposition and contact area, the pressureapplied, operating temperature, mediato be sealed, lubrication, vibrationcontrol-related effects and any ingressof dirt from the outside.


Static Seals

It represents the current status of our knowledge. The sealing effect of many products in the catalogue is, however, not provided solely by the component. In addition to many innovative solutions for specific requirements, Simrit offers a differentiated standard O-ring product programme for all applications of the general industry sectors. Simrit, Your Technology Specialist for Seals and Vibration Control Our unique service package sets standards in quality, functionality and cost effectiveness throughout the industry.

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