Takeoff Assemblies are a powerful tool that allows you to complete your takeoff measurement and estimate your material and labor costs all in one action. This tool is one of the most powerful tools PlanSwift has to offer. In this article, PlanSwift gives you a step by step guide to help you get started using Takeoff Assemblies. The templates provided by PlanSwift are examples but you can create your own using the templates tab. Open the folder for the type of work you will be doing and find the takeoff template that best fits your needs.

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With one tool, in one click, in one second you could find yourself nearly done with your takeoff or estimate. With this tool you can create areas, linear measurements, and count items on your screen in a matter of seconds! PlanSwift took the hours it would normally take an estimator to complete a project and reduced them dramatically. With single-click takeoff, you essentially just point-and-click on an area and have it automatically detect the boundaries and draw in the area.

Now fill in the information about the name, color, fill type, and what folder you would like it to be stored in much of this information will be defaulted and click OK. Now simply click in the region you would like Single Click to discover. Here at PlanSwift we strive to provide the most helpful and user friendly software on the market.

This software was designed specifically to help estimators complete their jobs in a fast and efficient way. Our customers are our top priority. Single-Click is another step in right direction to save you time and increase your productivity.

The Single-Click takeoff tool will revolutionize the way your digital takeoffs by increasing the speed in which you can get it done. Entire jobs that would normally take days to do, will be done in a matter of hours. PlanSwift has also eliminated the hassle of handling printed plans, no more waiting for prints or plots from Architects or Engineers. You can start working on your takeoff as soon as you hear about the job. With PlanSwift you can receive, complete, and find new work faster than ever before.

I have 8. Do newer versions show the scale on the take-off screen? Is there an option when using auto scale to input different scales for x and y axis?

Yes, you can do X and Y axis scaling as well I believe 8. As for the scale on the screen, it will be very useful. Everything we do with this software hinges on that scale. I know the disclaimer window pops-up when the scale is set, so you know how important the scale is, therefore it should always be visible to the estimator.

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How to: Use Takeoff Assemblies



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How to: Create a Takeoff in Seconds! – PlanSwift v10.0




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