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Forums New posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Beginner Naked Warrior and Combat Conditioning. Thread starter Jak Nieuwenhuis Start date Aug 11, Tags bodyweight combat conditioning naked warrior.

Jak Nieuwenhuis Level 6 Valued Member. Basically the program is as the title states. I am 6'1, pound male. I move pretty well, can wall walk, bridge, do reverse pushups, etc.. I've been following strict NW combined with combat conditioning on a daily basis for about 8 weeks now, although I've done both for longer, just not combined as now. Combat conditioning, for those that don't know, is a program based on "The Royal Court" of Hindu Squats, Hindu Push ups, and Bridging what most refer to as the wrestler's bridge.

It's focus is on strength endurance, lung power and flexibility, particularly in the spine. Combat conditioning really shines by opening up your body and awakening what Matt Furey refers to as your energy source the spine. I do some version of the royal court on a daily basis, among other exercises in the combat conditioning repertoire including bear crawls, reverse push ups, table makers, duck walks, crab walks, wall sits, hill sprints, jump roping, wall walks etc.

For what it's worth I love Combat Conditioning and think its a great program that you can't help notice the results from. Combat conditioning facilitates upper body mobility like nothing else I've found, which is a must for my martial art of choice, Tai Chi Chuan.

I will also do a big pull at least a couple times a week, per NW protocol. Usually I dead lift a log or do swings with a 35lb bell. I've been using a 3lb kettlebell for balance on my pistols. I can do clean pistols on both left and right legs now. I wasn't able to do this up until about a week ago, after returning to NW following a couple weeks off. The biggest difference about doing complete pistols now, compared to when I started back in April, is that i'm really comfortable "in the hole" at the bottom, and have enough strength to power out of the bottom slowly and safely.

The descent could be better, but it is still slow and done by pulling with the hip flexor. I really never thought I would do pistols safely and productively. For someone who is 6'1 I had heard pistols were just out of my genetic prophecy. I'm here to tell you that is bullshit. I started out very weak when I discovered the NW back in April and can now do clean pistols with no knee issues being careful, of course.

Amazing what practice can do. The platform makes it easier on the leg that you have to push in front of you, and ultimately easier on the hip flexors of your free leg. Thank you to Ross Training for that tip. OA wall PU are hard as hell still. You can make them a lot easier by not using correct tension and succumbing to bounce, but that's no good. Last OAPU done in ladder was done as a one arm plank "breathing behind shield" for about 10 to 15 seconds.

Abs feel tight afterward That was all, 2 exercises done by using a ladder up to 2 reps and back down. I felt 3 would have been too much still. Combat conditioning was a set of 7 wall walks , up and down. Then a set of 5 box pistols, followed by an isometric on each leg, then 5 sets of reverse pushups, done 2, 2, 1 , 1, 1 style. Reverse pushups are more about the stretch and the hold.

This is one of the best CC workouts available; it wakes you up, stretches you out, and lets you practice those pistols. Did this in morning after waking. Last edited: Aug 11, Endurance strength is drained today. Great pushup workout today. Thanks again pelusa for letting me know which pushups to focus on. I wouldn't eat but a couple hours before though hindu squats seem to have crossover with bicycle riding and especially bicycle hill sprints important to switch between flat heel hindu squats and raised heel hindu squats to avoid knee issues also matt's idea with my thumbs up!

Last edited: Aug 15, In other news I'm starting a 30 day challenge today. This time I returned to it knowing how to do a clean pistol squat on each leg and I would like to tell you what differences I have noticed. My tai chi instructor told me that "balance is everything in tai chi" yesterday.

Basically saying that my single leg balance is on point right now. Don't know if you've ever seen a tai chi offensive kick, but it is basically just standing firmly on one leg and lightly swinging the other straight leg pretty low in the air like you swing your legs draped off a pier.

It is a very light swing, not like a karate kick. Barely noticeable in a fight. Being able to "static stomp" whenever applying power which is very rare in solo tai chi practice is very, very useful. Same for gripping with the toes. The really cool thing about tai chi and pistols is that since you are pretty much always balancing on one leg in tai chi, being able to do a clean pistol gives you a feeling of great power and control when rooted on just a single leg.

This really compromised my upper body flexibility. My fault, of course, but it is a lot easier not to create the problem when using pistols. The upper body is tense but not under any real weight unless pistol is weight, and even then it is generally a different experience when doing pistols. This helps to create leg power for tai chi without also stiffening up my back.

Just easier and better feeling. NW is awesome. Hello, Jak Nieuwenhuis I recently started training the pistol on a wood cylinder to work on balance as well. I strongly agree with you: Pistol increases balance just a lot!

If you have the opportunity to try a pistol on a cylinder broom stick or whatever , go for it. This increases balance drastically too and also strength because the negative phase is really slowed down and controlled Kind regards, Pet'.

Went pistol crazy today waiting on someone. I must say, at this point, Combat Conditioning is my number 1 program. I know this is a Strongfirst forum, but I find Combat Conditioning to be a more complete calisthenics program than NW. NW is like lifting without weights. NW allows me to retain the skill of pistols and great variations of pull ups with high tension and pretty good strength for my weight.

Combat Conditioning works the whole body from the inside out, including my internal organs and spine. NW has a very scaleable load, and you can practice it without virtually any extra recovery if you choose. Combat Conditioning makes you burn, sweat and pant, but recharges you and detoxes your body in the process, also with very little recovery, imo unless you jump in the deep end.

NW is great for the lifter who wants the feeling of lifting really heavy weights while they are away from the usual weights. Combat conditioning is great for the calisthenics athlete who likes to put in work on Eastern variations of squats, pushups and work the posterior chain through bridging. Why not do both? I don't think Matt Furey would ever object to someone practicing their pistols the one legged squat as he calls them in his book outside of their usual workout, or to practicing pull ups throughout the day when you see a tasty branch.

The HTT always come in handy to get those last few "train hard for hypertrophy" reps on Combat Conditioning too. The breathing is a bit different in the programs, with CC being a little less compressed than with NW. The Ouija breath is what I use for CC, which is a freer form of diaphragmatic breathing I learned from an Ashtanga Yoga teacher in college.

Combat Conditioning is Yoga on amphetamines. It looks simple, but this is not easy. That way you get conditioning and strength. I often use this when I am away from home for long time.

Kind regards, Pet'. Got a deck of cards and shuffled up red diamond: arms in pushup red heart: arms wide pushup red club: hindu pushups red spade: divebomber pushups black diamonds and heart: hindu squats black clubs and spades: hindu jumpers Ran through 21 cards in about 20 minutes.

A lot of arms in and arms wide pushups, and jumpers. Wondered if the deck got shuffled wrong or something because there were so many. A lot of higher rep cards too. I flipped a coin today and decided to not GTG with anything for about six weeks. I'll still practice pistols in a Combat Conditioning workout a couple of times a week though, to keep the skill around. All combat conditioning for about six weeks, while I get used to college again.

Did about 10 minutes of the royal court this mornig. Hindu Squats, Hindu Pushups, Bridge.


Combat Conditioning Matt Furey

I was the total skeptic. Instead of weights, Karl said I could get into FAR better condition with bodyweight calisthenics alone. After all, I had read about the Great Gama of India, a wrestler who followed this same type of program and was unbeaten in 5, matches. Not to mention how lightning fast and fluid he was. Not only that, but there was Herschel Walker , a Heisman Trophy winner and All-Pro Running back who did pushups and sit-ups each day. So that made me think even more. I failed the test.


(Beginner) Naked Warrior and Combat Conditioning

If you're serious about living the Testosterone lifestyle, then you know you're going to have to train for the rest of your life. No excuses. It's a fact that we've all welcomed and accepted. But if you're going to be working out your whole life, then you're going to have to try some new stuff occasionally. If you don't, not only will your progress stop, but you'll soon be bored out of your skull. Most of us are willing to try just about any new weight training program that comes down the pipe.


Combat Conditioning


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