Avaliacao Antropometrica da ISAK - um manual de referencia para uso em educacao, no laboratorio e no campo. Plicometro: sirve para medir la grasa corporal. Hay desde plicometros con precision 0. Es parecido al paquimetro en el sentido que tiene una zona por donde se agarra y una especie de boca con la que se mide la grasa corporal.

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Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Faculdade de Motricidade Humana. Universidade de Lisboa. Cruz Quebrada. The anthropometric assessment of a person or population is used by professionals from different areas health, sports, education, ergonomics, engineering , and the quality of the measures obtained by them determines the success of their interventions.

This point of view aims to underline the importance of training these professionals through The International Anthropometry Accreditation Scheme IAAS implemented by The International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry ISAK , which aims to create and maintain an international network of professionals updated continuously from the practical and scientific point of view in the anthropometric measurement of excellence.

ISAK aims to create and maintain an international network of professionals who are regularly updated from a practical and scientific point of view in the anthropometric measurement of excellence 1 , 2. The anthropometric measurement procedures proposed by both IWGK and ISAK have been published in books or manuals, thus contributing to their wide dissemination. Michael Marfell-Jones, with its secretary Prof. Fernando Ferreyro Bravo, from the Kinanthreport newsletter.

It has an official website 8 that centralizes all ISAK information and has a restricted area, with some features, for certified anthropometrists, over 30, professionals in 86 countries who follow the international scheme of anthropometric measurement techniques guided by the ISAK Manual 1 , 2 and the ISAK Handbook 9. L: Landmarking. M: measurements. P-r: pre-requisites. W-C: within-course. P-C: post-course profiles.

S: skinfolds. O: other measurements. The level 1 anthropometrist Technician - Restricted Profile , comprises a narrow measurement profile and was designed for most ISAK-accredited anthropometrists who have a low ongoing requirement for more than basic and skinfold measurement. The level 2 anthropometrist Technician - Full Profile , includes a complete measurement profile and was designed for anthropometrists to show adequate accuracy over a broader range of measurements and a broad understanding of anthropometric theory and its interpretation.

The level 3 anthropometrist Instructor , is designed only for anthropometrists who wish to engage in the training and accreditation of level 1 and 2 anthropometrists to increase the availability of courses to a more significant number of applicants worldwide.

Also, the Grant Committee has approved a training grant project to support the development of anthropometry in countries with a low number of ISAK anthropometrists to assist promising level 2 anthropometrists from countries with no level 4 instructors and few level 3 instructors to earn this accreditation, and thus increase the offer of level 1 and 2 courses in their country The level 4 anthropometrist Criterion , requires a set of attributes established by ISAK and is reserved for a relatively small group of internationally recognized anthropometrists who have the responsibility to train and examine level 3 anthropometrists, as well as the right to train and examine two other levels 9.

The validity of ISAK certificates expires every four years and four months level 1 or six months level 2, 3 4 , making it optional to revalidate accreditation Re-accreditation , with mandatory compliance with rules established by the organization 1 , 2 , 8. In other words, the courses have a minimum duration for each level Table 2 and always include a practical exam, where each candidate must measure three subjects and obtain in each of them, sequentially, two or three repetitions of 10 anthropometric measurements.

Worth noting is that it is not permitted to offer courses where the ISAK certificate is optional and if ISAK accreditation and membership are optional in a course. This cannot be considered official, and the use of the ISAK logo for its promotion is not authorized. Also, the instructor is always obliged to grade the practical exam, and graduates must submit 20 anthropometric assessments to obtain the certificate within four and six months from the day of the exam for level 1 and the other levels, respectively.

Graduates are advised to indicate in scientific productions, as well as in professional practice, the estimated Technical Error of Measurement TEM intra and inter-tester errors and calculated coefficient of reliability 11 , besides declaring the anthropometrist level within ISAK, as quality indicators of anthropometric measurement 9.

The ISAK Manual 1 , 2 is published in Spanish and English, languages officially used by the organization, and contributes to ensuring the quality of the courses and the uniformity of the organizational aspects. The delivery of a hard copy to each person is mandatory in the courses. Unlike the previous ones 5 - 7 the new edition has books specific to restricted level 1 and full level 2, 3 and 4, without exception profiles, and has been available since April 12, through authorized distributors on five continents, whose contacts are available through the ISAK office info isak.

This change is fundamental, on the one hand, to standardize the teaching techniques used by level 3 and 4 anthropometrists, and on the other, to facilitate the learning process for ISAK course participants. Additionally, there was a change in the measures included in the restricted and full profiles. Four new measures were included in the restricted profile: sitting height, arm span, thigh middle girth in landmarking of the thigh skinfold , and bi-styloid breadth.

The mid-trochanterion-tibiale laterale landmark was excluded, and the bi-malleolar breadth was included in the full profile. The website 8 facilitates the identification of anthropometrists, the dissemination of courses and their organizational aspects, the world congress, held every two years, news, and other information. The current version contains a restricted area, with some features, for certified anthropometrists, such as: 1 Home; 2 Courses search and records ; 3 Teaching area documents and videos ; 4 Content of interes; plus, a message box and the possibility to enter profiles from three social networks.

ISAK has become a global network of thousands of professionals, engaged in scientific research or professional practice, interested in the excellence of anthropometric measurements, with an indication of TEM estimates and reliability in the population of interest. The development of an ISAK mobile app with distribution to online mobile software stores i.

This article did not use data collected from humans and represents a scientific opinion of literature. The article was written in accordance withstandards set by the Declaration of Helsinki. Silva VS, Vieira F. Rev Bras Cineantropom Desempenho Hum , e Perfil Restrito. Perfil Completo. Anthropometric standardization reference manual. Human Kinetics, Champaign, Anthropometrica: a textbook of body measurement for sports and health courses.

International standards for anthropometric assessment. Underdale, SA, Australia, Isak global. ISAK accreditation handbook. Rev Bras Cineantropom Desempenho Hum ;13 1 This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Services on Demand Journal. Abstract The anthropometric assessment of a person or population is used by professionals from different areas health, sports, education, ergonomics, engineering , and the quality of the measures obtained by them determines the success of their interventions. Level Days Course workload hours Post-course workload hours Individual work hours Theory Practice 1 3 6 18 16 20 2 4 10 22 20 28 3 6 18 38 20 Received: December 07, ; Accepted: January 17, Conflict of interest statement The authors have no conflict of interests to declare.

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First printed in This book is copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study, research, criticism or review, as permitted under the Copyright Act, no part may be reproduced by any process without written permission from the publisher. Includes index. The International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry For the past five years, ISAK has referred members to Chapter 2 of Anthropometrica edited by Kevin Norton and Tim Olds, as the recommended presentation of ISAK assessment standards and I acknowledge the important contribution that text has made to anthropometry as a result. Now, in response to a concerted call for ISAK to define its standards under its own banner, it is publishing this manual, which is the outcome of a great deal of thought and effort on the part of many.


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