So here it is…. As I said earlier, the market is fractal in nature…. Think back to when you were first learning to drive…. Instead you learned to look way down the road….

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Tips For Currency Trading. Time to Spread Bet on Banks Shares? Trader Lee Gettess focuses on risk control as a major factor in determining his success in the commodity markets. However, it wasn't always that way.

Gettess received his introduction to the commodity futures markets via a telephone call from a broker. The broker said the same pattern that occurred in sugar and made Sharif that bundle was occurring again. Related Articles Author Most Popular.

Martin Chandra is a full-time investor. He has been researching investment strategies and make his own living. For more information please go to. Martin Chandra's top article generates over views. Bookmark Martin Chandra to your Favourites. Choosing A Personal Trainer There are many trainers that are willing to take your money without being accountable to you.

Do the research and take the precautions to ensure that you find the right fit for you. EditorialToday Guide to the Stock Market has 3 sub sections. He launched into a study of the futures markets. At the time, Gettess had a computer background. He "dabbled" in trading in the mid-'80s, but didn't begin trading, from off the floor, full time until Oct.

However, Gettess escaped relatively unscathed from the crash. But, you can take a loss and be absolutely wrong and can congratulate yourself for doing the right thing," he said referring to getting out of the trade at the right rime and risk control.

You want to be where the action is Gettess has used his computer background to develop over a hundred systems over the years, including one about 10 years ago called the Volpat Trading System, which was picked by Futures Truth as "one of the top 10 trading systems of all times. If a market isn't moving, you can't make any money," Gettess said.

The patterns are "short-term stuff.. What I found is if the market starts up the next day you probably want to buy it. It was observational-this should be really ugly, but I'm looking at the market and it doesn't look so ugly," he explained as the thought process behind picking out par-term for computer testing.

Gettess typically puts on trades that last from one to three days and he favors markets with liquidity. It is so big and so liquid I can move any type of size with good execution," Gettess said. Everything comes back to risk for Gettess. However, while Gettess uses protective stops for his position, he doesn't always have a stop-loss on a trade.

My research indicates that you want to give the market a fair amount of room for higher chance of success. I can't tell you what's going to suit you," Gettess said, implying that each trader needs to find a trading method that fits his or her particular personality. When I was working for General Motors, they had a great benefit plan, and everyone told me this was a great, secure company to work for. But, then one morning, I woke up and I didn't work for them anymore even though they liked me and gave me good reviews.

It made me realize that security is based on self- reliance," Gettess finished.


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