Sains Malaysiana 39 2 : — Sebahagian hujan akan diperangkap oleh lapisan kanopi pokok dan permukaan lain sebagai pintasan , sebelum tersejat kembali ke atmosfera. Air hujan menuruni kanopi hutan melalui dua mekanisme ; aliran batang dan jatuhan langsung. Aliran batang merujuk kepada jumlah air hujan yang sampai ke permukaan tanah dengan menuruni batang pokok dan dahan. Manakala jatuhan langsung pula merujuk kepada jatuhan terus air hujan yang menembusi lapisan kanopi hutan melalui ruang-ruang antara daun dan menitis dari daun , cabang dan dahan pokok.

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Wat er So urce Wat er Vol ume cu. Wat er Vol ume cu. In En cyclopedia of Climate and Weather , ed. Last glacial period: Sea level ft lower than today Last inter-glacial period: Sea level 18 ft higher than today 3M years B.

What two processes change liquid water into vapor that can ascend into the atmosphere? Evaporation The process by which liquid water is transformed into a gaseous state Evaporation into a gas ceases when the gas reaches saturation The molecules that escape the condensed stage have above-average energies.

Those left behind have below-average energies Manifested by a decrease in the temperature of the condensed phase. Evaporation Energy breaks bonds that hold molecules together Net evaporation occurs when the rate of evaporation exceeds the rate of condensation Removes heat from the environment: Net Cooling Primary mechanism for surface-to-atmosphere water transport Evaporation Most prevalent over oceans Evaporation v.

About 27, gallons , liters of water. On average, the 48 continental United States receives enough precipitation in one year to cover the land to a depth of 30 inches.

Meteorological factors affecting surface over soil runoff - Type of precipitation - Rainfall intensity - Rainfall amount - Rainfall duration - Distribution of rainfall over the drainage basin - Direction of storm movement - Precipitation that occurred earlier and resulting soil moisture - Meteorological conditions that affect evapotranspiration Physical characteristics affecting surface runoff - Land use - Vegetation - Soil type - Drainage area - Basin shape - Elevation - Topography, especially the slope of the land - Drainage network patterns - Ponds, lakes, reservoirs, sinks, etc.

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Wat er So urce Wat er Vol ume cu. Wat er Vol ume cu. In En cyclopedia of Climate and Weather , ed. Last glacial period: Sea level ft lower than today Last inter-glacial period: Sea level 18 ft higher than today 3M years B.


Add hydrologic cycle to one of your lists below, or create a new one. Someone's carbon footprint is a measurement of the amount of carbon dioxide that their activities produce. Dips, slumps, growth and peaks: talking about data 2. Definitions Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Click on the arrows to change the translation direction.


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