Hey Guys, Recently, I learned the Mnemonica Stack and have been performing effects with it all the time. It has really taken my Magic to the next level. I was wondering how many magicians have learned the stack and perform with it? Also if you have any routines or tricks that you like performing with the stack.

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It made an enormous splash in the marketplace, and there has been a huge surge in popularity with memorized deck work, based on the contents of this book.

Juan Tamariz, arguably the finest magician in the world, explains in great detail his own stack, how to memorize it, and many tricks with it. Which stack should you learn? That depends. The main feature of the Aronson stack is that it has many useful, built-in features that outweigh the built-in features of the Tamariz stack.

The advantage of Mnemonica stack is that you can get into it and out of it with new deck order. This makes a colossal finish, or allows you to get into the stack when you open a fresh pack.

Tamariz teaches you how to memorize the stack-forever—in as little as three hours. Our friends have given mixed reports on whether this has worked for them, but it is still definitely worth the effort. At worst, you'll be able to learn the stack with a month's work. Whether you're new to memorized deck work, or whether you already know a memorized stack, we think you'll enjoy Tamariz's great work.

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too. Timothy asks: Is this the stack used in the marksman deck? This was the first magic book that I ever bought years ago. I wanted something powerful to be able to fool magicians and what I got was the best resource of magical knowledge to ever exist yes, it's that good.

It will take some time to get it, but if you put effort in it, it will be worth your time. We ship to you directly from within the UK. While most other UK magic shops hide what happens behind the scenes, we want you to know exactly how things work.

Here's the timeline:. Typically takes 2 - 3 days. This way you avoid expensive international shipping fees and taxes. We keep our most popular products in stock in the UK so often this step is skipped. We send packages out via MyHermes the same day that we receive them.

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Prices in GBP. Privacy policy. All profits from orders placed on Friday 5 th June will be donated to charities to encourage diversity within magic and also the broader community. Mnemonica Dispatched from the UK within 3 - 5 days Customer rating:.

Add to cart Add to wishlist. Magic UK responds: Yes. Interested in Mnemonica? You may also like: Verbal Magic I've just spent the last few days fooling myself. Well, I guess Juan Tamariz Customer reviews for Mnemonica. Write a review. Juan This was the first magic book that I ever bought years ago. Sending to our UK warehouse Typically takes 2 - 3 days.

Repacking and sending to you. We send you tracking info Typically takes 2 days. Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz. Add to cart. Who runs the Vanishing Inc. Magic Store? Additional links Learn magic tricks Learn card tricks Vanishing Inc. Playing Cards.

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This book contains priceless content, which with dedication you can master. Not mentioning routines with the Mnemonica stack, which alone I would pay the price of this book. This will take you to a whole new level. If you ordered this book you know what it contains and why you ordered it. It did not disappoint. Well written and the methods are easy to understand.


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Posted: Apr 7, pm. Hi, I've recently started giving thought to obtaining the book "Mnemonica" by Juan Tamariz. It's not a cheap book, so I want to make sure it's really what I want before I purchase it. I basically have two questions about it: I know that it contains tricks based on Tamariz's own Mnemonica stack, as well as some that can be done with any arbitrary memorized stacks which some would call stack-independent tricks. Since the stack I use is not Mnemonica and for the moment I have no plans to switch stacks, although conceivably that could change , I'm more interested in the non-Mnemonica-dependent stack tricks. So my first question is: About what percentage of the tricks in the book are useful to me if I use my own non-Mnemonica stack? And I know that many of the tricks in the book employ sleight-of-hand such as getting a new deck from New Deck Order to Tamariz's stack , using moves like Faro Shuffles and the like.

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