Forgot your password? I have been researching this for months,and every time i think i found the right amp,i find a reason not to buy it. I have six of these subs and im using 2 Yorkville s on 4 of the subs and a on the 2 that are left. Im still borrowing 2 amps from a friend one and the

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Forgot your password? I have been researching this for months,and every time i think i found the right amp,i find a reason not to buy it. I have six of these subs and im using 2 Yorkville s on 4 of the subs and a on the 2 that are left.

Im still borrowing 2 amps from a friend one and the I really thought when i got this system it would be more impressive. Does anyone have a similar system,or any suggestions? More than this is detrimental to the driver's long term reliability. A PLX, an RMX or even an bridged per box would be a good choice, but beware that your cabling needs to be well maintained as bridged amps in general do not like shorts between their outputs.

The lower the slope the higher the freq needs to be. Andy did you almost suggest a bridged amp! I just looked at yorkvilles site. Thats watts your feeding your JBLs. If you're not getting enough bass there could be a problem somewhere else. How much power are you feeding your tops. I took Andy's recommendation of a PLX channel per box, and it works fine. I use two 's and two 's. Yeah, one look at the cost of a recone or two and it makes the smaller amps look a whole lot better! Just a quick note The input matrix has a pair of plugs, and I had one fall out a couple months ago, disabling its driver Well, then it's obvious you need different amps or maybe a whole new system.

The MA is just too light in the loafers for dual 's. The MA is great on 's The MA seems to be a good "middle ground" size You definately will need to feed the 's some serious AC I understand the Lab's are real efficent with the AC usage, and they're certainly a lot easier on the back than racks fulla MA's.

One thing I do know about amps and speaker combinations: If you're looking for "the best performance possible" I dunno And: concerning "lackluster performance frustration": I'm a firm believer in phase checking ALL systems with a thumper even new factory wired stuff. I thought I had my ducks pretty well lined up until I got my first thumper First off,Thanks for all the replies. The system does pound,but i just thought it would not run quite so hard to do so. Heres the weird thing,we were playing a person club,and had the sytem really shacking some pant legs,then i look over and i see the clip light on the big sub amp twinkling when the drummer hit the kick.

The two smaller sub amps didnt have the light come on,but i only had the limiter engaged on the Would that cause that? I guess im impressed,but i wanted the same result with no red lights. Maybe i should engage the 40hz sub-sonic filter on the amps. I know the guy that set my drive rack up put the over easy limiter on the drive rack on. That wouldnt cause it right?

There should be a high pass filter programmed into the DR. If not, your drivers are getting the crap beat out of them. Your smaller amps assuming they are used to power the top boxes could very well be sized so that you don't need as much power to match the sub's reqd. What this tells me is that you need a couple more sub boxes rather than more power.

This will give you a better end result. I saw a red flag go up when you wrote that someone else set up the DR for you. You really need to familiarize yourself with its operation and be comfortable making changes or adjustments.

Your problems could be nothing more than a DR setting. Well the guy i had set it up is the head of audio at the local university. He has a driverack PA. He used a laptop and the dbx program to st it up. We did try the factory recomendations for the s ,but it didnt sound very good.

He said it had the tops almost running at as full range speakers,and the subs were actually overlapping the tops. Does this sound right? I wiill read the book and better try to understand this. Im not a sound man.

Do you guys have any recomended settings? What should i set the hpf at? I do have mismatched power amps on my subs,im not sure i clairified that. SRX's with the kind of power you're pushing I'm about ready to put money on this: the DR has the LF crossover level cut dB, when it probably should be boosted 3dB, at least for rock.

I agree with audiopile that this kind of power pushing six of these boxes should be way overkill. Two pair outside give a good chest thump at ft. I see a big problem with the mis-matched amps. What sensitivity is the DRPA using? THe amps will have a different sensitivities. The other thing that looks fishy is that the DRPA does not have a laptop computer interface.

Don't care if your friend is the head of the technical whatever for the university or whatever Not understanding what you are doing and having that much power is a recipe for poor performance IMO. I suggest you contact the local dealer you got this stuff from and have him make good on the "system" aspect of your system.

Actually, he said earlier that he's got a , and the friend has the DRPA. It's all too iffy for my comfort level You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor.

Upload or insert images from URL. Contact Us Feedback Existing user? What is the best amp for JBL srx? Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Posted January 27, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Originally posted by agedhorse. I personally use PLX's, one channel per box and that has worked well for me. Posted January 28, Hey Dude. Originally posted by tony k. Originally posted by Craigv. Guest Anonymous. Posted January 29, Originally posted by Audiopile. Posted January 30, Are you running any sort of processor? What tests have you performed? Is the system phase checked? Posted January 31, What if anything have you heard that performed impressively in similar applications?


JBL SR4719X Technical Manual

ProSoundWeb Community. Please login or register. Read times G. Ford Newbie Offline Posts: We bought out a company that had eight a subs driven with 4 Crown MA


JBL SR4719X Dual 18 Subwoofer

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