Wednesday, 11 August A. Conlon, The Lab. The iPic web server could be used to connect all kinds of electrical devices to the internet. Imagine being able to check if you've left the oven on in your house from the other side of the world, and turn it off if you have. Thanks to a graduate student at an American university, the day when you may control every electrical device in your life with a web browser is a lot closer.

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At that rate it should be able to serve about hits per hour. The chip is accessible through the internet here , but because the serial link is usually up to capacity, the files are also mirrored here. Coupled with a small chip for memory and a battery, the whole package could be as small as a pack of gum and be used to a variety of household, industry and mobile applications.

Most eerily, once this is all set up, you do not need the computer to control the appliances -- they can communicate with each other through the power wiring and co-ordinate each other's activities. At the office many industrial computers and devices are equipped with their own remote management facilities. With technology like the iPic they can be connected to common network facilities, instead of using dedicated wires and a dedicated control terminal, for each device or equipment.

All these devices, which may include HVAC equipment, climate control in offices and large buildings, lighting and power management, security surveillance and monitoring, process control equipment, and many others can now all be controlled and managed using a unified terminal and with simplified procedures.

With the iPic, currently under development at the University of Massachusetts, a remote web-enabled computer is now smaller than a quarter, costs less than a dollar and gives practically any device or appliance a very inexpensive connection to a network. Toaster-net could finally be here. Advertiser Disclosure. By SV. Which topic are you interested in? Data Storage. IT Management. What is your company size?

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Ipic-A Match Head Sized Web-Server



iPic Web Server Aims to Make Toaster-Net a Reality


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