Videolaryngoscopy has been proven effective in patients with unusual anatomical or pathological features, suggesting the possibility of a difficult endotracheal intubation. This device may also be useful for otorhinolaryngologists by facilitating access to the larynx and tongue base, especially in selected cases, where good visualisation of disease-altered structures is vital. We believe that the use of this kind of videolaryngoscopy might be also indicated for laryngeal surgery as a valid alternative to the placement of a direct laryngoscope. This technique, especially in those cases with anatomical issues or important comorbidities, may be preferred to ambulatorial flexible or rigid laryngoscopy, and in planning surgical procedures in "difficult" patients due to the operating room setting comprising constant anaesthesiological support. No complications related to videolaryngoscopy were found.

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A tutti capita un' intubazione difficile. You know, everyone has a tough intubation. Ho ben 42 minuti prima di dover praticare un' intubazione endotracheale d'emergenza. I got a good 42 minutes before I have to perform an emergency endotracheal intubation.

Ok, datele quattro milligrammi di Tavor e preparatela per l' intubazione! Okay, let's give her four milligrams of ativan and prep to intubate! Devo fare un' intubazione a sequenza rapida. I need to do a rapid sequence intubation. Controllate che ci sia un vassoio con kit da intubazione. Make sure there is a crike tray set up with the intubation kit. Not to mention that orotracheal intubation is impossible on this guy. Portate una termocoperta ed il kit per l' intubazione.

Get Bair Hugger, prep for intubation. Portatemi il set di intubazione pediatrica. Bring me the pediatric intubation set. Preparatelo per l' intubazione e allertate la sala operatoria. Prep for intubation and alert the O. Non perdete tempo con l' intubazione.

Guys, don't mess around with intubation. Prepara una flebo di ketamina e prendi un kit per intubazione. Start a ketamine drip and grab an intubation kit. Intubation with a cuffed tube is thought to provide the best protection against aspiration. More severe cases may require muscular paralysis with vecuronium, intubation , and artificial ventilation.

HEINE Paed laryngoscopes have been developed specifically for the intubation of neo-nates and infants. Kenny, manda panel traumatologico e preparalo per l' intubazione. Kenny, send a trauma panel and set up for intubation. The simplicity of placement is the main advantage of the Combitube over endotracheal intubation.

Fa parte del mio addestramento per fare pratica con l' intubazione. It's part of my transpo training for intubation experience. Un' intubazione retrograda, ma potrebbero volerci 4 minuti. A retrograde intubation , but that could take up to four minutes.

Le vie di somministrazione correnti sono l' intubazione orale e l'iniezione intraperitoneale. The usual routes of administration are oral intubation or intraperitoneal injection.

Se si utilizza una sonda gastrica o una cannula per intubazione , la somministrazione deve avvenire in dose unica.

When the test substance is administered by gavage, this should be done in a single dose to the animals using a stomach tube or a suitable intubation cannula. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock. Register to see more examples It's simple and it's free Register Connect. Suggest an example.


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Colleague's E-mail is Invalid. Your message has been successfully sent to your colleague. Save my selection. Cafaggi, C. Background and Goal: Aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate the incidence of unpredicted difficult intubation in patients undergoing elective surgery. Materials and Methods: patients mean age


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Survey of the gum elastic bougie in clinical practice. Use of the bougie in simulated difficult intubation: 1. Comparison of the single-use bougie with the fibrescope. Simulated difficult intubation: comparison of the gum elastic bougie and the stylet. Practice guideline: airway management.

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