Earthdawn is a fantasy role-playing game , originally produced by FASA in The rules of the game are tightly bound to the underlying magical metaphysics , with the goal of creating a rich, logical fantasy world. Like many role-playing games from the nineties, Earthdawn focuses much of its detail on its setting , a province called Barsaive. It is also a prequel to Shadowrun. Starting in , FASA released over 20 gaming supplements describing this universe; however, it closed down production of Earthdawn in January During that time several novels and short-story anthologies set in the Earthdawn universe were also released.

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This book of Earthdawn Legends supplements the Earthdawn game. It describes short adventure ideas based on legends of the province of Barsaive. This book groups the legends according to the eight name-giver races. Each section begins with a few brief myths, stories, or anecdotes that define the race's attitudes, provide color, and aid roleplaying.

The rest of each section gives longer legends with accompanying adventure ideas, and sometimes new spells, magical treasures, and background material. The gamemaster should review this new material and decide how much of it, if any, to add to the game. Players can read the short name-giver legends at the start of each section, the ones with titles in both capital and lower-case letters.

This supplement requires the Earthdawn rulebook. The Barsaive boxed set and Legends of Earthdawn Vol. As Mind sought his first Thought, thus shall I seek. Lochost, walk with me on my quest. Let your torch light dark and hidden places on my path. Lead me to what passed, what becomes, and what may come to pass. Let each question answered lead to ten questions more.

Let the glory I earn bring glory to the cause of learning. Let the power I gain lend power to those who walk this path. Give me courage and endurance to break the shackles that bind my thoughts and find my journey's end: FREEDOM, blessing and birthright of all who live. Prefatory Note Our late master Vertius, who kept this monumental Library for 42 years, spent his days in endless battle. With pride he once remarked, "I have slain thousands of times more enemies than any other dwarf.

Just today I killed 10, silverfish who wished to eat the collected commentaries on the Books of Harrow. Tomorrow I shall fight the paper wasps that afflict the Troll etymology section on the 22nd floor.

Many dwarf warriors speak of their valor, but have any killed seven with one blow, as have I? Of course these were termites, but a library termite surpasses a troll raider in viciousness. Raiders destroy only towns; termites destroy knowledge. This extract presents fruits of his rare leisure hours, when he pursued his hobby of folklore and legend. Vertius collected and loved myths of all the Name-giver races equally. Their many kinds of imagination, and the ways they shaped many lives, fascinated him.

With pleasure I have followed Vertius' scheme for a monograph long planned, never completed, and I begin each section with his own brief notes. Vertius had no shortage of imagination himself. He loved how it had shaped his own career, and we who served with him loved the imagination he always displayed. Late in life he said to me, "I suspect that in time my library, already more vast than any, will actually hold not only all books that have been written, but all that can be written.

I suspect a cult will grow that spends its days in these endless stacks looking for the One Book, the All-Binding Book wherein all the secrets of this place are collated. I hope they never find it, for true love of a library comes with seeking. If I need avoid charges of favoritism in ranking dwarf legends ahead of other Name-giver examples, I can take refuge in the alphabet.

Yet who would quarrel with the quality of our folklore? The Library's tremendous reserves draw researchers from all over Barsaive. Some hunt mentions of treasure or clues to pressing mysteries, but how many simply lose themselves, as I often have, in the creative pleasures of the dwarven spirit?

Using no clear criterion beyond my own pleasure, I have chosen this blend of stories famous and forgotten. Breaking Fetters In dwarven books of history we show our desire to build an edifice of knowledge to outlast even the stones, and many give the Creation story pride of place. As long as these words remain, the dwarfs shall remain. These are the words. In the beginning existed the Mind, and nothing yet was intelligible, for there was naught to think. The forces of nature moved upon the chaos, and the Mind had his first Thought, and she is called Wisdom.

From Mind and Thought did all the Passions come to be. From the interplay of Mind and his Thought all Magic came to be. Magic entered the bright worlds of curves and took up residence there under the leadership of Wisdom. Wisdom bequeathed to her children the desire to name and to know, and her children are called Name-givers.

Other Magic went to the mirkworlds of angled space, and without Wisdom they became Horrors. The Horrors sought to rule both their twisted realm and the bright realms, and they created a race of slaves from the base element of Earth to fashion and build. Of this race one Throldol, having the spark of Magic within him, broke his fetters and led a revolt of the slaves. Thus the Horrors lost their first foothold upon the bright realms for a season, and the once-enslaved race broke free from the Earth.

The Name-givers named this race Dwarfs, and Wisdom adopted them as her children. She gave them secret council: "Soon I must hide myself, for the fullness of time is measured in Mind's Quest for me. The world shall be ruled by my children, the Passions. Your hatred of slavery shall stand the world in good stead, when again the Horrors make their assault, for wherever slavery exists upon the world the Horrors shall have a foothold. Be vigilant and strong even unto death, my children, and we shall meet again.

When dwarf children disobey, rather than beating them as do humans, trolls, and orks , dwarfs merely gesture sadly at the statue.

The children almost invariably begin obeying. Here the children's tale-spinner Torbassas Trentwind recounts the statuette's story. May other races adopt this civilized approach to child-rearing. Many years ago, when dwarfs first began digging for metals, mining was a fearsome trade. Bad gasses, rockfalls, and creatures dwelling in the hidden parts of the Earth took many brave miners' lives.

Now mining is much safer because of our more profound knowledge, thanks be to Lochost! One of the earliest copper mines in Throal was plagued by a rockworm, a nasty creature that dwarf persistence has now almost wiped out. In the early days watchers, dwarfs too young for mining jobs, would stand along a mineshaft to make sure that the worms did not break through the walls and threaten the miners below.

When a worm came through, the watcher would cry a warning. Once a very young dwarf named Junius sneaked into the mine where his father was working. He found that the watchers had fallen asleep, and so rather than waking them, he decided to take on their job. Rockworms appeared! He cried out his warning, and that saved his father and the whole mining crew! Tragically, Junius lost his life, and so in his memory we all keep a little doll of Junius in the kitchens of our homes.

He watches over the good and bad actions of the children, and he reports them all to the Passions. Throldol's Day In almost every dwarf household parents recite this catechism with their children on Throldol's Day, the 21st day of Raquas.

On this feast on summer solstice, Throldol's cry of "I shall not serve! Interestingly, the black-toga slaves of Thera often celebrate this holiday, but in secret, for masters who catch them punish them severely. Theran slaves say among themselves that once, when the enslaved crew of the Ascendancy spoke the legend on Throldol's Day, that battleship fell becalmed for the entire day. The youngest dwarf present asks the questions, and the eldest answers.

It is our duty to lead them to freedom. The comb's cells remind us that only a structured society can fight off the terrors of the world. We must be strong for them. The yellow of gold comes not from the natural order, but from the harsh refiner's fire. We treasure gold, because it reminds us to refine ourselves.

By this means he infiltrated a dwarven expedition to the Plane of Earth, where the dwarfs mine, at great risk, a rare metallic form of Elemental Earth. The spy wrote a scroll describing the process, intending to deliver it to the Theran Imperial Archives.

However, when the heroes closed in on him, he burnt it, either intentionally or by accident. The heroes can decipher only the following charred text.

Several days to find that the Portal could open. Some of the dwarfs chanting when we walked Warriors rushed to fight the beasts while we went up with orichalcum picks and buckets Terrible, you cant know. A flyer like a small dragon swooped down from above its wings like shiny brass.

Loud cry like swords striking in battle. Its wings beheaded one of my fellow miners, and when his blood hit the rust-colored ground it turned to gold. I tried to get this but Leader said the Elemental Metal is worth lots more, even though dull silver Most of us made it out of the metal mist, the dwarfs quickly reformed it into bars of copper silver gold iron and lead.

I heard my comrades screams from the metal bars as they died in its jaws I say leave this job to the dwarfs. Hold onto this world, forsake the Metal land If they return this scroll to Throal, the heroes earn the gratitude of a Throalic mining captain, who confides that the recent expedition that the spy joined produced poor results, and the dwarfs intend to mount another one soon.

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Glad to hear that you are enjoying it. If there is ever any topic you would like to see covered, or in more detail, let me know and I will see what I can do. Hey there! Just wanted to say this is a great little guide so far. Im new to roleplaying - my boyfriend and his usual group of rping pals theyve been doing it for years together invited me to take part in their new low circle ED game. We meet fortnightly and play for four or so hours. I decided to play a t'skrang swordmaster - she's kind-hearted, exceptionally proud of her race and discipline, and loves mischief shes childhood buddies with the GMs party npc, a human thief.








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