Improbable A probability expert suffering from epilepsy with hints of schizophrenia is in over his head with gambling debts to the Russian mob and a beautiful, renegade CIA agent before discovering that he has the ability to predict the future. A running subplot is the mathematical aspects of determinism i. Laplace's famous claim that the future can be predicted precisely by anyone with sufficient ability to calculate and sufficient information.

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A brilliant new talent bursts on to the thriller scene with a dazzling work of spellbinding fiction, a riveting story of chance, fate, and numbers, and one man's strange journey past the boundaries of the possible into the chilling realm of the After nightfall, David Caine inhabits a world of risk, obsession, rich rewards, and sudden, destructive downfalls. A compulsive gambler possessing a brilliant mathematical mind -- and an uncanny ability to calculate odds in the blink of an eye -- he prowls the underground poker clubs of Manhattan, winning more than he loses.

But Caine is a man prone to crippling epileptic incidents -- and one night he makes a costly miscalculation, suffering the most intense seizure he has ever experienced. And his life spins madly out of control. Desperate to regain his equilibrium, he agrees to test an experimental drug with unnerving side effects. Suddenly he is having visions of the past, present, and future; either peering through a window into an alternate reality or teetering on the precipice of a psychotic breakdown.

Chemistry and destiny have colluded to grant David Caine the astonishing ability to foresee the consequences of his actions and the probability of various outcomes, both good andterrible. But with his "gift" comes grave danger, for he is not the only one who knows his secret. Frightening powers operating from the shadows now want him for their own, forcing Caine to seek help from a most improbable ally -- a beautiful rogue CIA agent skilled in the death arts -- on a desperate race for survival with his sanity hanging by the slenderest of threads.

A riveting amalgam of explosive action, ingenious twists and turns, dynamic characters, breathtaking writing, and brilliant extrapolation, Adam Fawer's extraordinary debut, Improbable, is the novel of the year. I cannot finish this crap. This book does have an interesting premise.

But it is a just collection of scientific trivia with a side serving of crappy writing. Zero stars. Identical twins. Buff blonde Russian double agent. Nerdly geeks. Corruptible civil servants. Mob run card games. Scientists mad with ambition. Bodies vaulting from sixth During his corporate career, Fawer worked for a variety of companies including Sony Music, J.

Morgan, and most recently, About. Improbable, his first novel, has already been translated into five languages. Fawer lives in New York with his partner, Meredith, and far too many pet fish. Improbable : A Novel. Adam Fawer. Improbable After nightfall, David Caine inhabits a world of risk, obsession, rich rewards, and sudden, destructive downfalls.



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As Sherlock Holmes once said, "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. He can't skip town because he's started an experimental treatment for his temporal lobe epilepsy—a treatment that allows him to tap into the collective unconscious, a parallel universe known as the everywhen , where innumerable futures exist for him to choose from. Needless to say, this makes Caine a valuable commodity, and he's soon on the run from a number of government agencies, none having his best interests at heart. But the success of The Rule of Four and The Da Vinci Code have shown that plenty of readers enjoy their science, as long as there's a compelling plot encircling it, which there is here. Agent, Ann Rittenberg. On sale Jan. During the Covid crisis, Publishers Weekly is providing free digital access to our magazine, archive, and website.


Improbable: A Novel

From a brilliant new talent comes a riveting novel of chance, fate, and numbers, and one man's strange journey past the boundaries of the possible. David Caine inhabits a world of obsession, rich rewards, and rapid, destructive downfalls. A compulsive gambler and brilliant mathematician prone to crippling epileptic seizures, he possesses the uncanny ability to calculate odds of any hand in the blink of an eye. But one night at an underground poker club, Caine makes a costly mi scalculation, sending his life spinning out of control. Desperate, he agrees to test an experimental drug with unnerving side effects: inexplicable visions of the past, present, and future. Unsure whether he's perceiving an alternate reality or suffering a psychotic breakdown, Caine embarks on a journey that stretches beyond the possible into the world of the improbable.


Improbable is a science fiction thriller novel by Adam Fawer , about a gambler who gains the power to predict the future. It was awarded the International Thriller Writers Award for best first novel. Improbable is the story of a gifted young man named David Caine, who has been troubled by debilitating epileptic seizures to the extent that his medical condition has thrown his life completely off track. He is a compulsive gambler, and heavily in debt to the local mafia. During the course of the novel, Caine undergoes an experimental medical treatment in an attempt to set his life straight.

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