This package was purchased New in July and have been always used indoors. They were serviced and maintained to broadcast standards for all that time and were removed from service within the last 30 days. This is a 12 camera system and although we would prefer to sell as a lot we will entertain offers for different quantities. A high sampling frequency of

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Products conforming to RoHS directive. Table of Contents. Lead in solders to complete a viable electrical connection between semiconductor die and carrier within integrated circuit Flip Chip packages Ikegami doesn't guarantee to do the repair work.

Because the solder polluted with lead cannot be removed. Parts Be sure to use parts conforming to RoHS directive. Page 7: Information To The User Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference in which case the user will be required to correct the interference at his own expense.

Indicates that mishandling may cause injury. The following symbol is used to indicate other precautions to prevent damage or hazard from occurring: Indicates prohibited action. Do not subject the equipment to a strong shock or vibration. Doing so may cause damage or malfunction of the equipment. Excessive sound pressure from the headset may cause a hearing loss.

Please contact Ikegami's sales and service centers or Techno Ikegami Co. As a result, the value of the inrush current is as follows. By reading it in sequence, you can smoothly perform a series of steps, from connection to operation. Refer to the instructions accompanying the OCP to be used.

Fuse to be used Always place the position of this switch to the lower side. In this case, the input to the third and fourth channels is disabled. Format is SDTV analog composite signal. However, in this case, select "P Among these formats, "I To be supported "P Refer to the instructions accompanying the camera head to be used for the locations of the POWER switches and switch settings. S CONT connector. When an OCP that does not have the P.

Page Operating Systems 4. C When the intercom system to be connected is one line, the ENG line is used. C OUT N. Page 86 QUIT Returns to the main menu. Displays the ROM version.

Displays the ROM check sum. Displays the side mask marker. Sets to embed pulse signals, which counted 1 to 5 frames, in the SYNC output. CALL button. ENA is set to "ON. Sets the format of the return signal input to the camera head. Sets the vertical phase.

Sets whether the CCU manages the camera program numbers. Sets how to display the camera program numbers for the camera head and control panel. If any of the fans is abnormal or the lifetime of the fan expires, replace it with a new one. The cleaning method for male connectors slightly differs from that for female connectors. Male connectors have no "top"; therefore, steps 1, 2, and 6 above are not required. The extractor is removed from the alignment sleeve.

Male connectors have neither "top" nor "alignment sleeve"; therefore, steps 1 to 3 and 8 above are not required. As soon as the CCU power is turned ON, the self diagnostic function starts running, and always runs during operation. The higher the number, the higher the voltage. When both states are the same, the lighting state indicates the strength of the optical level.

Read by comparing this information with the main part of the maintenance manual. Reproduction or duplication, without permission of Ikegami Tsushinki Co. Print page 1 Print document pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


CCU & Base Station Accessories Ikegami User manual



Ikegami HDK-79E Fiber Studio Camera Chain – USED


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