The flash remains in manual mode, according to its display, even after the camera's display goes black. But as soon as I refocus, it reverts to TTL. If I keep the rear display on by periodically refocusing, the flash will remain in manual mode indefinitely. Yes, this is annoying and I can't imagine why they might have designed it that way.

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Javascript appears to be disabled in your browser. Please turn on Javascript in order to fully enjoy this website. Learn how here. Main menu Skip to content. Search for:. Contents of box, including stand, case, manual and flash unit. LCD lit up, showing some available settings.

Plugs for external battery pack and off-camera cable. LCD panel index. Specs are for full frame sensors and 35mm film. Has low battery indicator, overheat, zoom length with wide panel down indicator, power levels, HSS, quick shift bounce, wireless channels, and many other items, see images above.

Rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries used. Sony claims about 5 seconds for full power recharge, probably using standard throw-away AA batteries. Yes, none, 30sec, 3min, and 30min.

Wireless flash mode power save can be set to 60min or none. The following settings may be customized. Wireless CH HSS, on or off. Wireless controller mode setting, 1 or 2. Time to power savesec, 3min, 30min, none. Recording modes in which manual flash or multiple flash may be set, M mode only or all modes. Feet or meters on LCD. Test flash setting, once, 3 times, 4 seconds.

Length and depth measured with flash flat. It will show when the flash is swiveled. Almost everything. Suited well for studio use because of the ability to use an external battery pack, and off-camera cables for connecting other flashes, although real studio strobes are less expensive and recycle much faster.

Good for everything, but most people will probably be better served with the HVL-F43AM , which is much less expensive. Tested on. In the box. Flash, stand, vinyl pouch and instructions. Build quality. Weather sealing? Hotshoe style. Guide number. Guide number accuracy. Maximum output seems similar to other models with same rating. Stated color temperature. Sony off-camera cable and Sony external battery adapter connector.

Yes, and can be used as a wireless control flash for up to three groups.


Sony HVL F58AM - manual

Here is a short write-up documenting a quick setup I did with the Alpha Wireless flash system. In this example, I have used multi-flash units to demonstrate the ease of use of the Alpha Wireless flashes system to help enable better lighting control. Here are the list of items used in this setup:. It can be seen form the image of the setup below, that the lighting would be broken down into three light sources.


Sony HVL-F58AM Flash


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