Copyright, Notices, and TrademarksPrinted in U. Contact your local sales office for warranty information. If warranted goods arereturned to Honeywell during the period of coverage, Honeywell will repair or replace withoutcharge those items it finds defective. Specifications may change without notice.

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Quick Links. UDC Table of Contents. Universal digital controller printed wiring board replacements 8 pages. Honeywell universal digital controller product manual pages. Contact your local sales office for warranty information.

If warranted goods are returned to Honeywell during the period of coverage, Honeywell will repair or replace without charge those items it finds defective. Page 4 Chassis Ground. Identifies a connection to the chassis or frame of the equipment shall be bonded to Protective Earth at the source of supply in accordance with national and local electrical code requirements.

Page 5: Table Of Contents 3. Page 6 5. Page 7 Page 9 Power Up Diagnostic Tests Page 11 Aux. Page 14 30 meters 98 feet to the antenna e. In special cases, when highly susceptible apparatus is used in close proximity, the user may have to employ additional mitigating measures to further reduce the electromagnetic emissions of this equipment.

Page Section 2 - Installation Section 2 — Installation 2. Read the pre-installation information, check the model number interpretation and become familiar with your model selections, then proceed with installation. Otherwise, the controllers may not start up normally due to voltage drop from the inrush current. For higher temperatures, the RH specification is derated to maintain constant moisture content.

Page Mounting 3. Page Figure Mounting Method Before mounting the controller, refer to the nameplate on the inside of the case and make a note of the model number. It will help later when selecting the proper wiring configuration. Figure shows you the mounting method for the UDC controller. Figure Mounting Method Page Wiring Appropriate suppression devices are commercially available. Page Table Permissible Wiring Bundling To determine the appropriate diagrams for wiring your controller, refer to requirements the model number interpretation in this section.

The model number of the controller can be found on the inside of the case. Page Wiring Diagrams 2. It diagram identifies the terminal designations and their functions.

Refer to the individual diagrams listed to wire the controller according to your requirements. Carbon Probe input. These items must be installed when you wire the controller before start-up. Input 2 jumper Table shows the location of the second input jumper and the input types available for each jumper position. Electromechanical relays are rated at 5 Amps Vac or 30 Vdc and 2. Use Fast Blo fuses only. Customer should size fuses accordingly. Electrical noise suppression may be required.

Refer to Section Slidewire input is not required for Three Position Step control but can be used for motor position indication.

Open Open N. Closed Closed N. Closed Open N. Page Section 3 - Configuration As you will see, the configuration data is divided into 15 main Set Up groups plus prompts for calibration and prompts that show the status of the continuous background tests that are being performed.

Read from left to right. When you make your configuration selections, record them on this sheet. Then you will have a record of how the controller was configured. Page Configuration Procedure Set Up group that you have selected. It stores any changes you have made. When the process is being learned with possible retune, a t is shown in the upper left display digit. Page 67 Input 1 Bias — Page 77 Loop 2 or Cascade — Page 80 0. Page Calibration Group 3.

Refer to Section 7 — Calibration in this manual for complete information and instructions. Page Status Group Status test data The prompts used here are read only. They are used to determine the reason for a controller failure. Refer to Section 9 — Troubleshooting in this manual for complete information.

Page Section 4 - Configuration Prompt Definitions 4. The lower display will still show Gain. Page 98 The ramping current setpoint can be viewed as SPn in the lower display.

It will not recalculate any new tuning parameters. Both Deadband and Hysteresis are separately adjustable. Set Rate D to 0. Page Loop 2 that is best for your process.

Only available if the controller is configured for Cascade or 2-Loop control. Page 1 or output 2 and direct it to output 1 rear terminals.

Page Loop 1 only. Page Relative Humidity is selected. Enter the value of the atmospheric pressure of the process. Page Dewpoint is selected. Enter a value for the percentage of Hydrogen content that is applicable. Page If the calculated value of the quantity under the square root sign decreases to a value less than 0. The outputs are updated per the Loop sampling rate selection. Time Proportional Output has a resolution of 4. Cycle Time is adjustable from 1 second to seconds. The second current output is not required for this type of duplex operation.

Page mA input, there must be a dropping resistor directly across the input terminals i. Page Radiamatic input signal that is the ratio of the actual energy emitted from the target to the energy which would be emitted if the target were a perfect radiator.

Available only for Radiamatic inputs. Page PCT—Motor goes to open position. Page The setting must be equal or greater than the lower range of the inputs. Page positive value or both outputs operate negative value. Page Automatic mode. Reopening the contact returns the controller to the normal output. Reopening the switch has no effect. Opening the switch has no effect.

Page When the switch is reopened, the output will start at this last output value and normal PID action will then take over control.

The transfer is bumpless. Page Loop 1. If it is connected, only one UDC should run the loopback test at a time. The computer should not be transmitting on the link while the loopback test is active.

Page PV to be corrected by a pre-determined amount and time, the alarm activates. For loop break alarms, the timer value may be changed only for loops configured for On-Off control. Refer to the Section 8 — Troubleshooting in this manual for complete information. Page Entering A Security Code 5. These levels are Page Monitoring Your Controller In each display, when no decimal place is configured, the right-most character is blank.

When a single decimal position has been configured and values greater than are displayed, the right-most character is blank but the decimal point will be lit.


Honeywell UDC 3300 Product Manual

Quick Links. Table of Contents. Universal digital controller printed wiring board replacements 8 pages. Honeywell universal digital controller product manual pages.


Honeywell UDC 3300 User Manual


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