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In the composition Modern Elise the complete Elise was processed and brought into a modern version. The rondo arrangement has been preserved and acts as the basis for new sounds, rhythms and melodic ideas. The Modern Elise is independent and with the original in the ear a surprising pleasure and an encore piece in the concert. Since studying piano, composition, and music pedagogy at the Musikhochschule Hannover, followed by further studies in the USA, he has dedicated himself to the editing of pedagogical piano material.

His particular concern is to present music in an accessible way to reach a broad audience. The great number of internationally successful and award winning publications reveals the acceptance of his work.

As a composer he presents his great passion for the piano in several solo albums with Minimal Music and New Age. Demetrius Spaneas.

David P. Charlotte Seither. Boris Kosak. William Kraft. William Kinderman. Walter Zimmermann. Stefan Thomas. Nikolas Sideris. Nickos Harizanos. Leander Ruprecht. Helmut Zerlett. Johannes Quint. Joan Huang. Gisle Kverndokk. Frank Zabel. Alex Shapiro. Moritz Eggert. Stefan Cassomenos. Ali N. Dietmar Bonnen. Bernfried E. Ursel Quint. Torben Maiwald. Steffen Schorn. Roger Hanschel. Robert HP Platz. Ratko Delorko.

Olav Anton Thommessen. Mike Herting. Mike Garson. Markus Reuter. Marcus Schinkel. Lars Werdenberg. Jed Distler. Ivo van Emmerik. Gershon Kingsley. Georg Nussbaumer. Markus Schimpp. Claudio Puntin. Barry L. Samuel Penderbayne. Vincent Royer. David Philip Hefti. Julian Lembke. Ulrike Haage. Gene Pritsker. Keith Burstein. Matteo Bertolina. Kai Schumacher. Peter Knell. Christoph Theiler. Jaap Cramer. Sidney Corbett. Albena Petrovic-Vratchanska.

Erik Janson. Chao-Ming Tung. Valentin Ruckebier. Mateo Soto. Klaus Runze. Knut Vaage. Keith Perreur-Lloyd. Dom Aiken. Adrienne Albert. Martin Christoph Redel. Robert Oetomo. Howard Blake. Wilfried Maria Danner.

Ruth Wiesenfeld. Michail Travlos. Markus Karas. Jan Kopp. Albrecht Maurer. Allan Crossman. Martin Tchiba. Edino Krieger. Mark Rayen Candasamy. Stephen Cohn. Andreas Wagner. Dohun Lee. Barbara Heller. Dave Gross. Shigeru Kan-no. Adrian Gagiu. Louis Sauter. Peter Wittrich. Siegfried Kutterer.

Gonzalo Gimenez. Susanne Kessel. Alexandros Georgiadis. Gilead Mishory. Wolfgang Niedecken.


Hans-Guenter Heumann

Sheet Music Review. Those looking for good anthologies of easy piano music are fairly spoilt for choice these days. For I am pleased to present an updated feature on the adult method books I most highly recommend. After that I will also include shorter reviews of some other great alternatives.


The Author | Hans-Günter Heumann

After studying at the Musikhochschule Hannover piano with Prof. Hans Priegnitz and Prof. Konrad Meister, composition with Prof. His particular concern is to present music in an accessible way to reach a broad audience.


Tag: Hans-Günter Heumann

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