An EN54 approved single loop analogue addressable panel managing up to devices. Ideal for small to medium sized businesses. An EN54 approved networkable panel which can be configured with up to two detection loops, accommodating up to devices per detection loop, this panel is an ideal solution for medium to large sites and campuses. Advanced sensor technology ensures rapid detection of real fires and minimises the likelihood of false triggers. Attention tones can be programmed with a choice of standard tones. This base has been designed to provide additional safety within buildings that accommodate people who are at risk.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Generic Commissioning Instructions. Table of Contents. Any damaged equipment has been noted for replacement. It is possible to selectively switch alarm system that the system is being commissioned.

Procedures for Vigilon Compact VA only Always power down the panel or device when working on the system, for example when Audio loop wiring tests connecting wires and fitting components.

Connect each audio loop and carry out tests. Most panel display have 8 lines by 40 characters per line display. Hidden-until-lit fire zone indicators. When "Zones" text and number s are illuminated it Zones red indicates that a FIRE has been detected in the specified zone s. Page 14 Generic Commissioning instructions Indicators and controls Description Verify If the Verify facility has been set up, then pressing the Verify button in the event of a fire condition, increases the time delay before the sounders are activated.

This gives the user time to investigate the cause of the alarm and option of cancelling the alarm within the delay time period. The first fix backbox assembly may be surface or flush mounted. The cover is held in by a retaining clip.

Backplane transparent cover Remove the transparent protection cover fitted over the backplane. Fitting the inner door Locate the hinge pints on the inner door assembly into the two hinge pin holes j on the backbox outer face. DO NOT use anti-static procedures on live equipment.

Fit the bolt, spade connector, washer, spring washer to each battery terminal. Insert right hand battery into the back box. Page Vigilon Compact Panel Generic Commissioning instructions Vigilon Compact Panel The following procedures assume the fire alarm control panel is installed, with cables terminated at the backbox with the inner and outer doors fitted.

These procedure assume the protective cover fitted over the Master control board inside in the backbox has been removed. Remove the battery bracket from the backbox. Fit the batteries in the correct orientation. It is essential the printer is connected to the RS - Port 1. Printer 9-way D-type connector Secure the ribbon cable to the side of the enclosure using the cable clamp The following procedures assume the Control panel is installed, provided.

Next install the batteries inside the enclosure, spur unit which requires removal of battery brackets from the panel and installation of the batteries in correct Page Indications On Power Up Generic Commissioning instructions Indications on power up Initial tests " These are typical power up indications given at the panel with no loop circuits connected.

For Vigilon Compact VA panel the audio The menus at the control panel are accessible loop must remain disconnected at this stage. The power-down sequence should be in the reverse order. Spur on main loop Main loop circuit Spur main loop Spur main It is possible to selectively commence the process of address Allocation : HW Fault Card x number y allocation on a loop by loop basis.

A loop map is checked against the as fitted wiring drawings. After card data is backed up to NVM it must be write protected. Page Safe Addressing Generic Commissioning instructions Safe Addressing A safe address is an address given to a devices during commissioning, the value of which is stored in the non volatile memory within the electronics module of the device, the Safe address is therefore carried with the device.

It is recommended that the sounders are switched On The loop circuit test involves checking the loop circuit resistance before conducting this test. Checking the time averages Time average readings of Channel 1 device 1 loop 1 You can manually recover card data. Exceptions EN or Subfaults BS are also called condition codes and these codes provide information about a sensor Time and date when exceptions Condition code were read device.

Exception codes normal sub fault band fault band band type Description Optical None Small signal Subfire subfire sensed [Check location, Page Device States Generic Commissioning instructions Device States States are normally used to switch sensor sensitivity or to disable the sensing channel during specific times of a day.

For example the optical smoke sensing channel may be disabled during normal working time in an area where smoking is allowed and occupants can smoke in the designated area and the channel is enabled to a sensitive state during non working time. Page S-Quad Heat Sensor States Generic Commissioning instructions The state in which the S-Quad sensors operate can be changed from the default factory set state to another state during commissioning.

The environment in which the S-Quad device is installed will determine what state is applicable. Page Interface Input States Generic Commissioning instructions Interface input states 4 - channel interface input states These include the mains or loop powered interface. Page Vigilon Compact Network Generic Commissioning instructions Vigilon Compact Network A networked fire alarm system can consist of a number of control panels of standalone systems wired together in a secure network loop.

A network loop is achieved by installation of a network card in each Vigilon Compact panel, which facilitates the interconnection. Component side Node address Baud rate 64 off off off off off off off off on off off off off off on off off on off off off off off on Page Single Vigilon Network Generic Commissioning instructions Single Vigilon Network A networked fire alarm system can consist of a number of control panels of standalone systems wired together in a secure network loop.

A network loop is achieved by installation of a network card in each panel, which facilitates the interconnection. Each standalone system is first commissioned before being networked. Framing 8- bit transmitted incorrectly and the data line does not return to logic 1 at the end of the transmission.

Cyclic redundancy code. When a message consisting of a number of 8 bit transmissions is sent, a calculation is carried out to check that data corruption has not occurred. This allows the display of events at any control panel in the connected networks. Trigger an event in a network, such as a fault. There are some fault events that are not self clearing and will require manual intervention.

Clearable fault events The following faults are identified as clearable fault events. Page 98 Generic Commissioning instructions Message associated with.. Page Generic Commissioning instructions Message associated with.. Clock not set up entered. Check the wiring. Device Fixed extinguishant Follow the FE system reset Ignore single occurrence.

Record event in log book. Record the event in log book. Software errors will activate Spurious a system reset. Software errors will activate Task stuck a system reset. Move the cards to the right Wrong card type location. This is achieved by replacing commonly used words with token values special codes.

Tokenised labels :When tokens are decoded, a trailing space is automatically added to the decoded word. All S in a system can share a common soft start facility, if set the sound output will increment the volume every 0.

See also guidelines for standalone system. When commissioning a network of control panels, ensure the software version is same across all the panels. This is also applicable when an existing network is to be installed with additional panels.

Page Generic Commissioning instructions This page has been intentionally left blank. Page Do not dispose of with your normal household waste. Do not burn. Gent by Honeywell reserves the right to revise this publication from time to time and make changes to the content hereof without obligation to notify any person of such revisions of changes. Gent by Honeywell reserves the right to revise this publication from time to time and make changes to the content hereof without oblication to notify any person of such revisions of changes.

Page Page Do not burn. Page Fit the supplied Primary Earth Label next to the earth bonding strip. Repeat indicator panel Port 0 is a factory configured to RS for connecting Repeat indicator panel. It is factory set for RS at baud. If however the port settings were changed then it is possible to reconfigure Port 0. Page Data and Installation Interfaces Low voltage to minimise false alarms by suppressing a fire input Maximum cable usage per circuit for a period of time defined during commissioning.

The loop, switch input, zone input and LED output cable screens where used must connect to an earth terminal. Page Vigilon Compact VA system micro Distributed Amplifier Unit The Audio loop wiring is routed from the control panel with connection to each micro DAU on the associated loop with return connection at the panel, that is Audio loop 1 is used with Device loop 1.

Page Commissioning instructions Audio Pack 1 The main panel and the micro Distributed amplifier unit each has an Audio pack 1 that contains the following messages and tones. Page Commissioning instructions To calibrate the Speaker circuits using the remote When the speaker circuits are wired to the micro DAU it is important to calibrate the circuits by pressing the CAL button. Page Vigilon Compact VA system To adjust the volume level of PA, V A and background music using the remote For certain types of applications, such as in an hospital, there may be a requirement to set the volume levels of a micro DAU using the remote control.

The setting the 0dBA pre-amplified output if adjustable must not cause the pointer on the VU meter at the control panel to deflect above 0dBA, in the red range, see page Further adjustment of volume level of audio to the speaker circuits is made during the configuration stage, this is done using the commissioning tool. This is necessary in order to minimise the number of fault events being flagged up.

Rotary link LK1 type of switch detector detectors S5 detector range interface manufacturer tested setting comment board Gent NOTE: The loop and input line cable screens must be earthed.

Figure Single channel interface board cdm21 Vigilon Sys tem Com mis sioning Rotary Input circuit mode of input normal delay Switch function.


SenTRI ONE Control Panel

Notify me when this product is available:. The is a remote LED that is used where detectors are not visible such as ceiling voids or rooms or spaces that may not have easy access. Used with View full product details.


Honeywell Gent Viglion EN54 Generic Commissioning Instructions

It incorporates a host of features designed to make it the simplest system to install, configure and use. It has an innovative line by character display and a keyboard that is simplicity itself to use. As well as providing the user with clear comprehensive information in the event of a fire, additionally provides an entire historic log of the systems management information. Should a system fault occur a detailed explanation is shown and the user can at any time navigate through the faults history. It employs the same proven wiring architecture as System , sharing its ability to offer building occupiers unrivalled performance, free from disruptive and costly false alarms. System incorporates a range of multicriteria sensors which contain various sensing elements and have a unique disposable chamber that simplifies and reduces the cost of maintenance.


GENT 34710 34000 Series Addressable Optical Heat Detector

Quick Links. Download this manual. Generic Commissioning Instructions. Table of Contents. Any damaged equipment has been noted for replacement. It is possible to selectively switch alarm system that the system is being commissioned.


Overview Educational CPD's. Contact Us Business Manager Contacts. Our Industry leading S-Quad… Available in black or white. Advanced Air Sampling Detection. Vigilon Plus.

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