Early life and education[ edit ] Fanny Mendelssohn, sketched in by her future husband Wilhelm Hensel Mendelssohn was born in Hamburg , the oldest of four children , including her brother Felix Mendelssohn born four years after her. She received her first piano instruction from her mother, who had learned the Berlin Bach tradition through the writings of Johann Kirnberger , a student of Johann Sebastian Bach. This child is really something special. In , they joined the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin , which was then being led by Zelter.

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Explore About A rarely recorded work which was published for the first time only six years ago. The twelve "seasons" pieces, one for each month of the year, were composed by Fanny Mendelssohn at the end of and marked the career breakthrough for the elder sister of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. The twelve character pieces reflect her twelve-month stay in Italy, where she was able to break free from the influence of her parents and siblings. Among these Romantic tone miniatures are memories of the Venetian carnival February , a delicate capriccio April , and a belcanto piece June.

The chorale variations of March "Christ is risen" and December "from heaven on high" on the other hand, are an indication of how Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel benefited from the Bach renaissance which her brother instigated. Reviews September …although this work stems from a happy time in Fanny Mendelssohn's life, a seam of dignified melancholy runs through it, and we find a raw emotional intensity than is uncommon in Felix's music.

The Latvian pianist Lauma Skride exudes warmth and sensitivity. Her lyricism, natural phrasing and expert pedalling are compelling; the haunting quality she brings to the rippling figuration of 'September' is magical.

July It seems outrageous at this remove that Felix, Fanny's younger brother, not only actively discouraged the publication of his sister's works but passed some of the off as his own.

The young Latvian pianist Lauma Skride, sister of violinist Baiba… brings an engaging and affectionate playfulness to the music - so that if Fanny deserved better in her lifetime, she could hardly hope for a better champion in ours.


Das Jahr, H.385 (Hensel, Fanny)

In she wrote to her brother Felix Mendelssohn to inform him that -- against the strict wishes of the Mendelssohn family -- she was beginning to publish her own music. In her first favorable musical reviews were eclipsed by her untimely death on May Grief-stricken, her brother died just six months later, but before his own passing he carried out her wishes by arranging for the publication of several of her songs and piano pieces. Jahr constitutes in effect a musical diary of the year she and her family Hensil spent in Rome. In many ways it is more forward-looking and original than her brother's work, closer to that of Liszt or Robert Schumann. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest of the unheralded piano suites of the nineteenth century.


Mendelssohn, Fanny: Das Jahr (The Year)


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