With stage three, the seat comes out, the saucer goes away and the entertainment system takes on an S shape that allows the baby to walk along and play with the various toys at each station. Only one problem…I lost the instructions on how to convert the Evenflo Exersaucer to stage 3. I found nothing useful. After being disappointed at the lack of instruction, I figured it was time for me to put on my Low-Tech Grandma Cap and figure this thing out. After putting on my cap, here are the instructions I came up with. Click for Larger Image.

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ExerSaucers are a popular line of baby activity toys from Evenflo 1. They feature a spinning seat and a tray full of toys such as mirrors, soft animals, spinning blocks and music makers that delight and entertain little ones while keeping them in one place.

Children can begin using ExerSaucers when they can sit on their own. The ExerSaucer's bouncing, spinning and rocking activities aid physical development , improve hand-eye coordination and encourage curiosity.

Lay the seat base upside down on a flat surface and find the six wheel holders. Snap the provided wheels into the holders. Turn the seat base right side up. Line up the triangle on the back of the base with the triangle on the back of the seat pad label. Keep the triangles aligned and snap each tag on the inside of the seat pad into the tabs on the base.

Insert the seat into the ExerSaucer's tray and press down firmly until you hear it snap into place. Test the seat to ensure it spins freely in the tray. Lay the lower base flat onto the floor.

Align the leg tabs with the tabs on the base and snap the three lower legs into position. Move the legs from side to side to ensure that they are locked firmly into place. Put the three spring domes over each leg opening on the tray. Rotate the spring dome as you press it downward into place until it locks. Align the lines around each opening with the notches on the spring domes. Lay the tray and seat upside down and insert the three springs onto the underneath of the spring domes.

Put an upper leg piece over each spring and twist it into place. Be sure that the hollow part faces the center and the height adjustment button faces out. Hold the tray above the base and line up the upper and lower legs. Push the halves together, pressing the height buttons on the upper legs to allow the tray to snap into place on the base. Pick a height position that allows only your baby's toes to touch the base when he or she is seated in the ExerSaucer. Snap each toy or activity piece into place on the tray.

Toys and activities vary by ExerSaucer model. Evenflo recommends stopping use of ExerSaucers when your baby begins walking; reaches 30 inches tall; stands flat-footed when the seat is at its highest position; or when your child can climb out of the product.

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More Articles. Evenflo ExerSaucer Assembly Instructions. Written by Tallulah Philange. Tips Evenflo recommends stopping use of ExerSaucers when your baby begins walking; reaches 30 inches tall; stands flat-footed when the seat is at its highest position; or when your child can climb out of the product. Warnings Failure to properly line up or lock the parts into place can cause injury to your baby.

Remove your baby from the ExerSaucer before adjusting the height. About the Author.


Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun Manuals

Fabric Care Instructions: Wipe clean all plastic parts. My grandbaby love this kid so much use from it she loved it so much it was very educational she's just now turning a year old and still loves it it grows with her. Had this since my son was 4 months old. Very rugged as my son bends the heck out of all the toys on there, and they've never broken. He absolutely loves it, jumps in it, and as he's grown, it's become a lifesaver to my wife and I. My wife even feeds him in it.


Instruction Manuals

Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Please note that the instructions provided in downloadable manuals below are for models manufactured in the current year and should only be used to provide supplemental guidance on the proper use of your baby product. Please verify the date of manufacture on your product and contact Evenflo at to obtain the instructions created specifically for your product's model and manufacturing year. Always read all instructions and warnings applicable to your particular product prior to first use, and keep the instructions available for future reference.


Evenflo ExerSaucer Assembly Instructions



Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun Instructions For Use Manual


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