Recommend Documents. Volume 41, Number 1 Antibody Clone Fluorochrome Catalog number Antibody Miltenyi Biotec. Alexa Fluor Parker et al, concluded that

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Search Member List Calendar Help. Login — Register. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Post: 1. I have a couple but would be curious to look at some of the others. Post: 2. Post: 3. I've got a couple on my website. Post: 4. Here are a couple. Post: 5. Well that was a coincidence. Post: 6. Wow, thankyou! I can't believe the prices, and that I paid that much for some of those things, back when a dollar was a lot more money than it is now!

Post: 7. I drove to the store itself about 2 hours away to buy my HPSX in Fun times. Post: 8. Post: 9. It's a long list of things. Post: Thanks for the links, everyone. However, if I do it, it will be a while before I get to it. Still, my dollars back then were worth quite a bit more than the ones I'm burning thru on Ebay these days.

It's funny how things happen Had that not happened, perhaps they could have survived a bit longer. I think there was another one like that as well with either the 95LX or the or LX - EduCalc was selling them very well, and when they approached HP to place an order to refill their stock, HP told them that they had temporarily suspended manufacture of the units because they feared that they wouldn't be able to continue to sell them at that same pace.

Apparently, EduCalc had to wait months in order to get their next allotment. If my dad knew how much I spent, he would have blown a gasket. However, considering how extensively I used it in high school and at college, that I still own it, and I use it a quarter century later, it proved to be a good investment. English American. Chris Dreher Member. Katie Wasserman Super Moderator. Steve Simpkin Senior Member. Garth Wilson Senior Member.

Jake Schwartz Member.


User to User: EduCALC Closes Its Doors



EduCALC Catalog Number 41 -


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