Neither appeal involved the wide-ranging consideration of the efficiency of the investigation by Merseyside Police. The home secretary should lift the lid on what has been a catalogue of errors resulting in the most unjust conviction of anybody in my 40 years in parliament. June 24th A booklet about the case, produced by the veteran campaigner Paul May , Chair of the Eddie Gilfoyle Support Group , is available for you to download here:.

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Then on July 3, , a jury unanimously convicted Eddie of her murder. Eddie has always maintained his innocence. This was a conference where the overarching message was one of hope, defiance and a commitment to challenging the status quo.

Eddie reflected that he might be out of prison but he is not free. He recounted a dream where he is walking down a long and seemingly never-ending corridor.

As he finally approaches the door towards the end, it slams shut in his face. There is nowhere to go. Never have I heard a more accurate description of how I imagine it feels to be challenging a wrongful conviction in the criminal justice system in England and Wales.

The Lancashire police investigation exposed evidence of dishonesty and non-disclosure on the part of Merseyside police. Furthermore, most powerfully, the force concluded that there was no evidence to suggest a crime had been committed at all. However, when Eddie sought to adduce this evidence at his appeal against conviction, he was told it was inadmissible, due to the fact there was still an open investigation surrounding this.

This is a decision that displays the kind of logic that only the Court of Appeal is capable of, and one that could only ever be expected by those with experience in fighting for criminal appeals.

The second pivotal point which Eddie drew upon was the discovery that the police had withheld crucial evidence of diaries written by Paula. These diaries documented a previous suicide attempt and discussed how Paula was still traumatised from a previous relationship with an ex-boyfriend who committed a brutal murder.

Eddie explained how he did not discover that these diaries existed until This is despite the fact that the diaries were handed to the Criminal Cases Review Commission CCRC in their investigation leading up to the appeal. Unsurprisingly, Eddie does not look upon the CCRC with any favour and sees the organisation as part of the problem. He lamented that the statue of Lady Justice positioned outside of the Royal Courts of Justice was supposed to represent a fair system, with the sword, scales and blindfold.

Eddie expressed his hope that the Innovation of Justice initiative would finally help to bring about the change that we so desperately need. He called for the attendees to get behind this movement to effect real change in the criminal justice system. There was no crime committed in my case. My wife took her own life.

But the justice system would sooner keep me convicted than admit to their deceit and dishonesty and give justice. June 05 Home About us Donate. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. By Holly Greenwood.

Miscarriages of Justice. Author: Holly Greenwood. Holly helps to run the Miscarriage of Justice Project at university. Most Popular. Stay informed. Sign up for our weekly newsletter. The Justice Gap is an online magazine about the law and justice run by journalists. Our print magazine is Proof. Buy Proof Magazine. Comments are closed. Related Posts. Anger at miscarriage of justice watchdog as latest…. Miscarriage of justice campaigners hold silent vigil…. We are the people….

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Eddie Gilfoyle

Paula Gilfoyle was found hanging from a beam in the garage of their home in Upton, on the Wirral, Merseyside on 4 June She was eight-and-a-half months pregnant and apparently happy. Instead, they accepted that her husband Eddie Gilfoyle had faked her suicide and even tricked his wife into writing suicide notes. There is no hope of establishing the truth for an innocent, wronged man and no hope of having a courageous, serious organisation capable of righting terrible historic wrongs. Since his release in December , a seemingly unstoppable momentum has been building behind the case.


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