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Avantages des OGM. Historique Les OGM ne sont pas apparus du jour au lendemain. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Information about Page Insights Data. Genetically modified animals. Transparent frog.

This glass or transparent frog was developed by scientists in , the purpose of this development was to create a breed that enables scientists to conduct scientific research easily and without the need for autopsy, where the beholder can see all What's inside his body, so much that if you want to see his blood vessels and heart beat, you can inject him with some phosphorous material, so you can see it with clarity.

Human ear rat. Among the strange that Japanese scientists were able to invented inside the labs was a human ear rat, that rat was injected with some human cells in the back area, and the result was the growth of a human ear on the back of this rat, and the reason for this was saving some Treatment types of people who have had some congenital defects.

See More. Genetically modified strawberries OGM. We all know our known red strawberries, and when we hear that there are blue strawberries, it may be amazed by some, especially it is a new fruit that is not spread in the markets, so we will show you what blue strawberries are true. The truth of blue strawberries Scientists have made adjustments to strawberry fruit to bear storage in low temperatures, and in this adjustment made by scientists to strawberries they changed their color blue by moving some genes in some species of fish living in the ocean Frozen north to this original strawberries.

The material used from fish is an anti-freezing substance, and this article protects organisms from freezing, scientists have isolated this material from names used in strawberries, which is considered a genetically modified fruits.

This type of strawberry is not on the market now since the experiments are still ongoing. Benefits of GM. It is possible to increase nutritious quality example: rice with vitamin A , crop yield, etc. A GM modified modified body is a living animal, plant, micro-body This is the general, academic definition.

It applies to all GM, whatever they are, regardless of their area of use or application. The genes, for their part, are long linear molecules that are encrypted in a language called genetic language.

They are part of the chromosomes that form the support of inheritance and are found in all cells of living. The genes, mostly of what is known today, contribute directly or indirectly to protein making, which are in fact the actors of all the biological processes that take place in the cells of living bodies.

When the genetic modification consists of the addition of external genes from another species , called transgenes, the resulting organizations are then called transgenic, with transgenics being the whole process to manufacture them.

For example, if a gene is inactive in an organization, the original genetic features of this body have been altered in a non-natural way by deleting a genes, without introducing a new one.

So it is genetically modified without being transgenic Translated. History of history GMOs didn't appear overnight. This information molecule consists of a succession of genes that code for given characters; the novelty with GM is to introduce an additional and foreign genes to improve or only change the individual. The first step was taken in by an American team that successfully manages DNA with that of a bacteria.

As for humans, two of his genes are introduced into a bacteria to produce hormones: the in and insulin in The s see many lab experiments with the appearance of new GM. It was only in the s that transgenic products were placed on the market, first in the United States and Canada, then timidly in Europe rapeseed, soya and corn.

In France it is in novembre that the growing of transgenic corn that is capable of resistance to its main parasitic, the moth, is allowed, but in it is forbidden to grow in France. And has many benefits for diabetes Did you know that chewing 3 cardamom or pills benefit in :- 1-treatment of gut telets Treatment of IBS cases 3-relieves the symptoms of colds and cough Useful in the cases of airborne 5-useful in oral sores and ez congestion 6-helps treat tract infections 7-an appetite 8-go gases and belly sounds 9-relieves constipation helps treat bitterness infections Can add on drinks like tea, coffee or herbal tea Benefits of dear love The love of dear is a very useful vegan tubercuits and these vegetarian tuberculosis for medical purposes, this love was called this name because in the foot he was one of the kings who ruled Egypt had loved him so much addiction and he was eating it so named Love dear relative to dear Egypt at that time.

Research has shown that dear love is a perfect cure for most types of headaches. The fruit of this plant also has a great ability to refine urine and purify it from harmful impurities. It also drives yogurt and treats some skin diseases.


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