This model includes a large Wheatgrass tray as well as all the parts contained in the standard model. The EasyGreen Automatic Sprouter simplifies the task of growing your own sprouts, salad greens and wheatgrass. With the EasyGreen Automatic Sprouter you can have a consistent supply of your very own fresh crunchy sprouts for your salads and juices — full of natural vitamins, mineral and enzymes that no other food or artificial supplements can rival. Here are few features of Easygreen's unique sprouting technology :.

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No sprouter will ever win a beauty contest. Sprouters by nature are designed for function over form. The EasyGreen Light is no exception, as it is basically a large plastic box divided into two chambers. This is actually quite handy as you can always have a tray in rotation if you start a new tray every day or two.

Most sprouters are a series of stacked trays where water is added manually several times a day. Unlike those stackable sprouters, the EasyGreen Light is automated, only requiring water to be added every days. Measuring almost 60 cm long and 43 cm wide, this isn't something that will sit in your kitchen, unless you have a lot of counter space and a nearby sink for the water to drain.

Water is drained through a drainage tube which can go into a sink or, in our case, in a large watering can. There are no controls at all on the EasyGreen Light. The only controls are on the timer which plugs into the wall. It is a hour dial, with little pins located every 15 minutes on the dial. You flip a pin at the time you want the sprouter to activate the mister.

EasyGreen recommends times a day, depending on the sprouts. We set it to turn on every four hours. To grow spouts, you fill the water reservoir through one of the opening holes. We would have preferred a bigger opening or perhaps a funnel, as it was a little messy to fill using our large watering can. Then you evenly distribute spout seeds in a moistened tray and put the tray in the sprouter.

You can put all 5 trays at once if you want a big harvest in days, or just add a tray a day to always have a fresh supply of sprouts. Depending on the temperature and humidity, you will need to refill the water every days. It's good advice, as it prevents fungus or mold from contaminating your harvest.

We tried the EasyGreen Light with a variety of sprouting mixtures including broccoli, clover, fenugreek, lentils and radish and had success with all of them. The germination rate was high and the sprouts were clean, crunchy, and tasty. We didn't try wheatgrass as we didn't have the optional large tray recommended for it. We found the sprouts to be at their best about 5 days after starting.

Compared to a manual sprouter we had tested previously, the EasyGreen Light was very simple to use once set up. It is definitely the easiest and highest-yielding sprouter we've tested. EasyGreen has incorporated several incremental improvements into this new "Light" model compared to their previous model, and these improvements add up.

We found it easy to use, flexible with the 5 trays, and very good at germinating sprouts. Information notice: According to the Act on Registration of Sales, the seller is required to issue a receipt to the buyer. The seller is also required to register the sales data online to the Financial Authority. In case of a technical problem, the data must be registered no later than 48 hours after the sale.

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Easy Green Light sprouter review

Operating The EasyGreen sprouter automates three main functions for growing sprouts and grasses. These functions are carried out regularly during the day during 15 to 20 minutes misting periods :. This feature is unique and unmatched in the case of jar sprouting or any other automatic or manual you may find. This features too is unique to the Easygreen, and is often forgotten : sprouts not only need fresh water, but also fresh air. Instructions for a daily use of your Easygreen.


Easy Green Sprouter

William S. This model is stackable, you may purchase one now to suit your present needs and add more modules as your needs change. The EasyGreen sprouter consists of:. The EasyGreen sprouting appliance was developed out of the growing demand for organic health food. Here are few reasons for our unique sprouting technology:.

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