Earthdawn 4th Edition is looming! But what changes with the new rules for Earthdawn Character sheets? So I contacted Morgan Weeks to find out what needs to be changed and he was so kind to sum up the changes that are relevant to update the character sheets to Earthdawn 4th Edition rules. He mentioned for example that Karma checkboxes are no longer needed, you can now use Karma for every Discipline Talent. All in all there are not too much changes necessary to update a 3rd Edition sheet to 4th Edition.

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The recently released official Earthdawn character sheet was not very well received by many fans. Well, experience shows that many fans prefer to design their own character sheets , as these then most likely meet their requirements. Be it optical or simply useful criteria. Others prefer sheets where you can capture everything up to high circle characters and so on, but what about stylish or well designed sheets?

One fanmade Earthdawn 4th Edition character sheet was already introduced on the blog, even before the official release was made. Do you remember the editable scroll-design-sheet that was released on the Earthdawn blog on ? Yes, again it is Patryk aka UglyGoblin that contacted me with another approach to publish an editable stylish Earthdawn 4th edition character sheet.

Looks good. I'd want to "screen" lighten the background so it would print better. Maybe something for the next revision. Kaptain Arkansas - It really is! Thanks for noticing. Post a Comment. Home Downloads What is Earthdawn? I am very proud to present you the creation by Patryk. Have a look: Good news for our polish readers! Patryk has already created a Polish version of his sheet in addition to the English version. A German translation is in the making. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Earthdawn Character Generator

Feel free to post anything related to Earthdawn, but be sure to list what edition in your title to help those looking for information etc about a specific edition. Ex: 1st Edition, Classic, 2nd Edition Don't ask for published content on this subreddit. This is a place to discuss Earthdawn, but we can't condone pirating published works.


Earthdawn 3rd Edition - Character Sheet

This is an unofficial online character generator for the Earthdawn RPG mostly 2nd edition. It uses the alternative discipline mechanics as proposed by RedBrick for the 3rd edition but with custom talent options based on the 1st and 2nd edition talents. There might also be some house rules incorporated into some of the talents but the basic character generation rules using the attribute purchase method match the ones from 2nd edition. There is also an overview page for all the discipline talent options used in this generator. The current program was tested in Firefox 3.




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