Hill-type muscle models are widely used within the field of biomechanics to predict and understand muscle behaviour, and are often essential where muscle forces cannot be directly measured. However, these models have limited accuracy, particularly during cyclic contractions at the submaximal levels of activation that typically occur during locomotion. To address this issue, recent studies have incorporated effects into Hill-type models that are oftentimes neglected, such as size-dependent, history-dependent, and activation-dependent effects. However, the contribution of these effects on muscle performance has yet to be evaluated under common contractile conditions that reflect the range of activations, strains, and strain rates that occur in vivo.

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For complaints, use another form. Study lib. Upload document Create flashcards. Documents Last activity. Flashcards Last activity. Add to Add to collection s Add to saved. Professional Experience 1.

Professional Registration 1. Professional Engineer, Texas, Current Clients: Simmons Pump Corp. Awards and Fellowships 1. Postdoctoral Fellows 1. Topic: Nonlinear structural dynamics, Parameter estimation in nonlinear systems, and structural health monitoring. Graduate Students 1. Tyler L. Topic: Sensor fusion for simple robotic platforms for Martian exploration. Christopher Bryson, Ph. Peter McDonough, Ph. Topic: Nano-scale modeling of Kinesin driven Microtubule based particle transport systems.

Chris J. Topic: Power systems for simple robotic platforms for Martian exploration. Christopher Umstead, Ph. Topic: Neural tissue shock loading. Topic: Vision System in Robotics. Nathan Reimus, M. Lockheed , December Topic: Robotic exoskeletal hand for power-assist applications.

Crystal Baker, M. Jacobs , December, Topic: Simple robotic platforms for Martian exploration. Oliver Harrison, B. SwRI , December, Topic: Studies in hybrid parameter mechanical systems modeling.

Topic: Electro-optical systems and neural-inspired processing with applications to law enforcement small arms fire indication systems. Topic: Anterior cruciate ligament injury studies using robots. Gagan Deep Bhasin, M. Topic: Robotics in bio-mechanical applications. Ranjith Poduval, M. Topic: Design and construction of leg bone jigs for Staubli robot. John T. Foster U of Texas at Austin , M. Topic: Enhanced dynamic modeling of bolted joints in structural systems. Scott E. Rose Sandia National Lab , M.

Topic: Fluid-structure interaction modeling for Martian tumbleweed instrument platform. Griffin C. Phillips PPP, Ind. Topic: Wavelet based reanalysis of seismic data for oil exploration. Preeda Meekangvan Western Digital , M. Topic: Articulated elastic system modeling applied to avian jaw kinesis. Aeerook Kim Samsung , M.

Cody B. Moody Raytheon , M. Topic: Neuromuscular control of elastic skeletal systems. Taek Hyun Jang, M. Topic: Machine dynamics Christian Bunaes Schlumberger , M. Topic: Mechatronic development of flexible manipulator testbed. Seralaathan Hariharesan Medtronic , M. Steven King Lockheed Martin , M.

Topic: Modeling of closed loop flexible body mechanical systems. Angela L. Nugent Applied Materials , M. Topic: Modeling multipoint contact in dexterous robotic devices. Topic: Structure fluid interaction in flexible multiple body systems. Gang Qi University of Memphis , Ph. Topic: Acoustic emission based nondestructive evaluation via wavelet transforms. Patrick Omoridion, M. Topic: Finite element analysis of Dish-Sterling solar array.

Topic: Structural dynamics. Satish Ganti, M. Topic: Structural dynamics Textbooks 1. Dynamics for Engineering Practice, by Louis J. Everett and Alan A. Everett, McGraw-Hill, Journal Papers 1. In preparation Experimental Eye Research. In review American Journal of Sports Medicine. Symeonidis, S. Joel R. Feenstra, Tyler F. Winter, Brandon R. Dierschke, and Alan Barhorst Journal of Vibration and Control, 17 7 : Wong, C-N Simon.

Journal of Vibration and Control, 15 12 Barhorst, A. Journal of Bionic Engineering, 6 2 Moody, C. Foster, Jr. Barhorst, C. Wong, and M. Bement Journal of Vibration and Control, 15 4 Journal of Vibration and Control, 15 1 Journal of Vibration and Control, 14 12 Journal of Vibration and Control, 14 11 Wong, Chun-Nam, and Barhorst, A.


ASME 2014 FELLOWS [Mechanical Engineering]

Wong, Simon C. September 24—28, This research work is in the area of structural health monitoring and structural damage mitigation. It advances the method of parameter identification of structures with significant nonlinear response dynamics. The method integrates a nonlinear hybrid parameter multi-body dynamic system HPMBS modeling technique with a parameter identification scheme based on a polynomial interpolated Taylor series PITS methodology.

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