Dementia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency. Report of one case. Cyanocobalamin vitamin B12 deficiency can cause polyneuropathy, myelopathy, blindness, confusion, psychosis and dementia. Nonetheless, its deficiency as the sole cause of dementia is infrequent. We report a 59 years old man with a 6 months history of progressive loss of memory, disorientation, apathy, paranoid delusions, gait difficulties with falls, and urinary incontinence. He had suffered a similar episode 3 years before, with a complete remission.

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Citalopram, depression and pseudo dementia. A neuropsychological case study. The author presents a case of depressive pseudo dementia, commenting on the clinical and neuropsychological findings before and after the use of citalopram, a serotoninergic anti depressive drug.

The case portrays the current criticism about the old dichotomy between non-reversible "functional" and reversible "organic" dementia. The 73 year old woman initially diagnosed as pseudo demented showed some mild cognitive deterioration in neuropsychological evaluation after the improvement of her depressive symptoms. Some reasons for the divergent findings on pseudo dementia prognosis in the literature are proposed.

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Pseudodemencia depresiva: ┬┐depresi├│n o demencia?






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