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King studied theology and received his Doctorate degree in After one year of boycotting the bus system, the Supreme Court declared that the Alabama state segregation law was unconstitutional.

That was a great legal victory but it took many years before things really changed. In , two people were killed and many more injured as James Meredith was enrolled as the first Black at the University of Mississippi! After a year of travelling and demonstrating across the country, King continued to organise non-violent protests against unequal treatment.

In , King published his first book , Stride Toward Freedom , which deals with his recollections of the Montgomery bus boycott. His death did not slow down the Civil Rights Movement. His widow , Coretta, continued to fight for freedom with Black and White people. King is the only Afro-American to have a legal holiday in America. A map of the British Isles. Martin Luther King. Ed Murrow. Al Capone and the prohibition. Les suggestions. Physique Chimie.

Des profs en ligne. Des ressources riches. Des outils ludiques. Des tableaux de bord. En savoir plus. At this time, Black "colored" people had not the same rights as other people. They were denied the right to vote , to decent housing, to sit elsewhere than at the back of the buses Boycott and first legal victory.

An event would lead King to create the Civil Rights Movement. On December 1, , a Black seamstress , Rosa Parks, refused to give her seat to a white person on a bus and was arrested. King organised the boycott of the public buses in Montgomery. The people who refused segregation were attacked or threatened. On January 30, King's house was bombed.

King became its President. C and marched to the Capitol Building to support the passing of laws that guaranteed every American equal civil rights. From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, King delivered his "I have a dream" speech. In , the Civil Rights Act which guaranteed equal rights in housing, public facilities, voting and public education, was passed. That year, King received the Nobel Peace Prize. Note 4. Nombre de vote s : Exerce toi en t'abonnant. Plus tard.

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