The central notion of a UIScroll View object or, simply, a scroll view is that it is a view whose origin is adjustable over the content view. A scroll view tracks the movements of fingers and adjusts the origin accordingly. The scroll view itself does no drawing except for displaying vertical and horizontal scroll indicators. As users scroll in the scroll view, this object should add and remove subviews as necessary.

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UIScrollView is used to show more content on the screen than it can be actually visible by having a virtual screen size which is larger than the current screen size.

Open up the Main. We will pin this to the edges and also set the equal height and equal widths constraint of the View to the parent view above. Now the ScrollView is ready with custom elements added. Because the height of the inner view is still fit to the screen. We need to change the height of the inner view to a bigger value.

Notice how the Content View height goes beyond the screen. Wow, we are able to scroll! Notice that the background color of the UIScrollView is white. We can change that and will do in the next section. In the following section, we shall use a UIImageView as the root child of the UIScrollView and see how it scrolls horizontally and vertically to showcase a large image.

We will create a new ViewController for this part and connect it to the previous one using a Segue. Create a new swift file to connect to this view controller. Following is our empty ImageViewController. Now in the ImageViewController. We can change the contentOffset property in order to show a different part of the image in the scrollView when the image is first loaded.

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How to adjust a UIScrollView to fit the keyboard

If your user interface brings up the keyboard, you should respond by adjusting your layout so that all parts are still visible. If you're using a UIScrollView or any classes that have a scroll view as part of their layout table views and text views, for example , this means adjusting the contentInset property to account for the keyboard. First you need to register for keyboard change notifications. Put this into your viewDidLoad method:. That example code is for adjusting text views. If you want it to apply to a regular scroll view, just take out the last two lines - they are in there so that the text view readjusts itself so the user doesn't lose their place while editing. All data is attached automatically, and it only takes a line of code to setup.


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iOS UIScrollView and Zoom


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