Wednesday, November 26, episode eastside stitchin'. Posted by z at PM No comments:. Labels: show notes. Sunday, October 26, episode knitting for others. Posted by z at PM 1 comment:.

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Nice colors! That is gorgeous!!! Oh that is gorgeous! How did you figure out how to make it smaller? I used the pattern from the kpixie site. Basically, you reduce the number of repeats in the increase section of the pattern to make it narrower. Trust me - I just stared at the pattern for months, but I joined the Clapotisknitalong Yahoo Group where someone had posted an Excel spreadsheet that broke the pattern down row-by-row.

That is really beautiful!! Wow a yahoo KAL just for the clapotis. This is serious. I mean is there any knitter that does NOT know about the clapotis? Is it the most popular thing to knit or what??? Nice job on yours by the way. Pretty colors. I really, really like the idea of making a smaller version…this would be perfect for my momma. This would be great.

Oh, that is just lovely! I hope this works!! Mini-Clapotis What'cha Knittin'? I finished a Mini-Clapotis about a week ago. Something for me for a change! Andrea August 23, , am 2. KellyK August 23, , am 4. Jenelle August 23, , am 6. Ingrid August 23, , am Amber August 23, , am Yvonne August 23, , am Oh, how gorgeous! I love how it looks on you. Jillle August 23, , am I heart your colorway, too.

Absolutely beautimus! Cristy August 23, , am NinaT August 23, , am


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So much better! I found an Excel spreadsheet with stitch counts for every row in the Files of my Clapotis Yahoo! I'm on the second repeat of the expanding section. Now, I just need more stitch markers. Or perhaps I could switch to purling the stitch to be dropped. I wonder if it's OK to change part of the way through. I won't have the opportunity to buy stitch markers until tomorrow.


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Now, call me crazy, but it seems to me that if I buy a pattern I should be able to do whatever I want with it except sell it on directly, of course. I think the time and materials I put into a knitted item, say a shawl, are quite a contribution, and give me the right to sell it, gift it, keep it, or even destroy it if I wish. Attempting to place restrictions on the use of your creation speaks volumes about a mindset of lack and scarcity — which is not the way I choose to live. I believe there is plenty of business for everyone. As a matter of fact, I know of at least one pattern designer, Natalie Larson, who recognizes that collaboration is a better way to do business than the old paradigm of competition.

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In through the front door, sneak around the back; peek through the window, and off jumps jack. Another blog about knitting and life. Post a Comment. Off jumps jack Saturday, May 10, Clapotis--F.


Looks like all the knitters in the world have already knit or are knitting a Clapotis. While the pattern is pretty straightforward, I wanted to know how long a scarf would I get out of one ball of KP Chroma, so went digging into the bazillion projects on Ravelry and stumbled on this amazing group dedicated for Clapotis. Not only are there many helpful threads for customizing your clapotis, I found this awesome-sauce spreadsheet which gives you a row wise stitch count as well! I started knitting mine using the spreadsheet and making sure I was on the right section and had the right count. Once I finished the increase section, the straight section was quite mindless. The part where you get to the stitch-to-be-dropped and actually drop it and unravel was super cool.

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