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Cancel anytime. Breakthroughs in the fields of physics, technology, and biology led Chuck Missler to record this wonderful study in Genesis. With over 24 hours of teaching, this verse-by-verse study of the book of Genesis has been one of our most sought-after and best-selling series in the history of Koinonia House.

The Book of James focuses on the believer's justification before men. His robust epistle focuses on the practical Christian walk rather than on doctrine: it is directed toward a living faith.

Faith is not believing in spite of the evidence: Faith is obeying in spite of the consequences. Daniel had the most incredible career imaginable; he was transported as a teenage captive to a pagan empire and became the primary confidante to the ruler of Babylon. When Babylonia was taken over by its enemies, he rose to the second or third position in the Persian Empire.

There are only two people in the Bible other than Jesus Christ of which no evil is spoken, Joseph and Daniel. Romans is the definitive statement of Christian doctrine - the most comprehensive book in the New Testament.

Its impact on history is unequaled. This is the first in a trilogy Galatians, Hebrews on Habakkuk - "the just shall live by faith" - which later became the mantra of the reformation. It has an international outlook: As a Roman citizen, and with both Hebrew and Greek culture of history, religion, philosophy, poetry, science, music, etc. Because of its emphasis on "the Love of God" and Jesus' being the incarnation of that Love, many believe this gospel is the most important for new and old Christians alike to take to heart.

Written by the "disciple whom Jesus loved", the book of John is organized around seven miracles, seven discourses and seven "I AM" statements. This study is so deep "an elephant can bathe in it, and yet an infant can wade in it. Isaiah was the most comprehensive of all prophets: His writing spans the entirety of history, from the creation of the world to the creation of "a new heavens and new earth". No other prophet matches his majestic eloquence on the glory of God and the redemptive work and sufferings of the coming Messiah, all the while making us clearly aware of God's abounding Grace.

This study contains over 28 hours of verse-by-verse teaching. The book of Ezekiel contains some of the most incredible prophecies in the Bible, including detailed description of a nuclear war and the cleanup afterward. Ezekiel ministered to a nation experiencing judgment for its sins, and may have some lessons for us today. Ezekiel's name means "God strengthens, or God will strengthen".

Ezekiel is one of the three that were called Captivity Prophets the other two are Jeremiah and Daniel. Ezekiel never mentions Jeremiah in his writings, but he does mention Daniel three times. It was written by a Jew, to Jews, about a Jew. This book of the Bible uses more Old Testament quotes than any other. The Gospel of Matthew emphasizes the saying of Jesus, including 10 parables not found in any other Gospel.

After first establishing the royal genealogy, he then goes on to focus on the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies. The traditional title of this book is, in some respects, a misnomer: It primarily deals with the "acts" of Peter and Paul. It really should be called "The Acts of the Holy Spirit". This review will explore the continuing mysteries of Hag Shavuot in Acts 2; the surprises in the history lesson Stephen gives the Sanhedrin in Acts 7; the controversies dealt with in the Council of Jerusalem in Acts 15; and more.

This letter is one of the two greatest theological treatises of the New Testament. It is the ''Leviticus'' of the New Testament, detailing how the Lord Jesus Christ is both the fulfillment and the successor to all that had gone on before. This study will contrast conditional promises of the past with unconditional promises of the New Covenant: exchanging the shadows for substance.

The Calvinist and Arminian viewpoints will be explored. Corinth was intellectually alert, materially prosperous, but morally corrupt. Its citizens were devoted to the reckless development of the individual.

The church at Corinth is the "carnal church" - spiritual babes, immature and undeveloped. Paul seeks to provide them with the necessary guidance to bring them to full maturity. This study contains more than 22 hours of verse-by-verse teachings. Jesus said that the psalms spoke about him Lk Christ's birth, betrayal, agony, death, resurrection, ascension, coming again in glory, and his worldwide reign - all are pictured in inspired vividness. They constitute irrefutable testimony to the divine inspiration of the Scripture.

Have you ever wished you could win a lottery? Or inherit a great fortune? We have already won an inheritance that is beyond our comprehension! An inheritance that transcends any quantitative measurement.

In fact, it was set aside for us before the world began! Ephesians is regarded by many as the loftiest pinnacle of the New Testament, and yet is also a practical manual for personal combat. Here was a rich, young ruler - a first century "yuppie" if you will - who, although getting off to a rather problematic beginning, finished well, indeed. A rich young ruler questioned Christ about what he needed to do to inherit eternal life.

Mark's Gospel includes a detail that Matthew and Luke failed to mention: "And Jesus looking upon him loved him Revelation is a lens that puts the entire Bible into focus. The lens is focused on the person of Jesus Christ, and his destiny is imminent. This is a book of victory: We are overcomers! We are the ultimate winners in the game of life! I read the ending: We win! One of the reasons this book strikes us as strange is because of our lack of understanding concerning the Old Testament.

The Book of Revelation consists of verses that contain over allusions to the Old Testament. These are detailed, along with Chuck's analysis of the design and structure of this fascinating book.

For many, the Gospel according to "the Beloved Physician" is the most readable and complete account of the life of Christ. Known for its historical detail and precision, Luke was chosen by the Holy Spirit to communicate the Gospel to an educated and technological culture. The evidences of the truly "human" nature of Jesus Christ are littered throughout this treatise. Of John's five New Testament books, these three include a sermon and two personal letters, one of which may have been written to Mary, the mother of our Lord.

His Gospel deals with our past: salvation. Revelation deals with our future. John's First Epistle deals with our present: sanctification. It has been called the New Testament sanctum sanctorum. This study contains eight hours of verse-by-verse teachings. The Book of Exodus is the bedrock of God's plan of redemption and is seen as a "type" of the early church.

It is also an adventure of discovery, since the dramatic narrative is laced with numerous hidden messages in the form of microcodes and macrocodes, each anticipating the New Testament climax. The Book of Jude is a tiny book, tragically neglected by students, yet overflowing with fascinating Old Testament references and allusions: lessons from Israel in the wilderness, the angels that sinned, the strange events of Sodom and Gomorrah, and other insights from Cain, Balaam, as well as the mysterious person known as Enoch.

Jude is the only book devoted entirely to the great apostasy. Jude is the "vestibule" to the Book of Revelation. This is an amazing help for clarifying the writings of Jude. Chuck Missler offers a lot of in depth study of this short book of scriptures. Highly recommend! Loved every second! I will be listening again and again! Praise the Most High and thank you, Chuck Missler. You can't go wrong with anything by Chuck Missler! He takes a book from the Bible with only one chapter and talks for 10 hours Very informative.

I originally picked it up because I knew Chuck would be hitting Genesis 6. Boy did God blow me away with everything else though. I am going through the darkest times of my life. God really spoke to me. I just finished it and I think I will start it again.!!!! I love listening to Dr Missler, he always blows my mind. I just can't imagine how anyone hearing his study's, still would be unsaved. Chuck captures the student. Keeping him on the hook. Finally encouraging in-depth self study of the bible.

Well done. Loved it. Very enjoyable and has encouraged me to study God's Word more diligently and deeply. Jude a bondservant teaches us the meaning of apostasy! Each example highlighting men and woman from Genesis to Revelation!

The last little Epistle packs a mean punch and Chuck Missler does an excellent narration!


The Book of Jude

The book of Jude is a tiny book, tragically neglected by students, yet overflowing with fascinating Old Testament references and allusions: lessons from Israel in the wilderness, the angels that sinned, the strange events of Sodom and Gomorrah, and other insights from Cain, Balaam, as well as the mysterious person known as Enoch. Over 10 hours of teaching. More details. Availability date:. This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. Add to cart.


Chuck Missler Media - Jude - [Vintage]

One of the more mysterious allusions in Jude is about the dispute between Michael and Satan over the body of Moses. Why were they both interested in Moses' body? There are over Old Testament references to Moses: only one refers to his body. Why study the book of Jude? Because it is written for us today.


Jude Commentary (Chuck Missler) 4 DVD SET




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