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Quick Links. Download this manual. For details, refer to "Important Check Points for good servicing". Table of Contents. Page 4 To protect products from damages or failures during transit, the shipping mode should be set or the shipping screws should be installed before shipment.

Please be sure to follow this method especially if it is specified in this manual. Page 5: Table Of Contents 7. In other areas, please do not use. Page 8: Exploded Views And Parts List For the applying amount of lubricants or glue, follow the instructions in this manual.

In the case of no amount instructions, apply as you think it appropriate. Page Exterior Section 2. Refer to "2. Page Control Panel Section 2. Page Slot-In Mecha. Section 2. Page Traverse Mecha. Assy-S 2. VD1R5 IC 3. Page Overall Wiring Diagram 3. Therefore, when replacing, be sure to use parts of identical designation. Page Mjcb Assy 3. FOR IC AND IC AEK Page Mflb Assy 3. Page Sldb And Rswb Assys 3.

Page Sw Power Supply Assy 3. GLED 7. MTL 6. TRESL 5. ADCT 2. ADIN 1. SW0 1. Page Voltages 3. Page 54 0. GNDA W 2. GNDD 6. GNDD 1. VLED 8. MTL CN 6. Page Sldb Assy 4. Page Kswb Assy 5. PLAYL 4. CUE 2. PLAY 1. GNDD RESET 3. SIN FLAC3 4. GNDD 5. SCLK FLAC2 6. TXD GNDD 7. RXD FLAC1 8. VLED GNDD 9. GLED VLOAD Page Sw Power Supply Assy 4. Page General Information In this mode, the version of the software program for each microcomputer and the error history can be checked. Page Version Check Mode Cancel Communication error between operatin section and main section The error indication is cleared when the communication is finished.

E Error in mechanical operations Unrecoverable: Turn the power off. The error indication will be cleared. Notes: E, E and E are not stored into the internal memory. Page 85 A series of operations for startup will be performed step by step. Page Sequence After a disc is loaded, loading Long press processing and startup processes begin. Reading data, etc.

Page 89 Focus on Detection of the 8-cm adaptor Coarse adjustment of focus position Searching for 0m01s time point Offset adjustment of the tracking actuator Spindle starts rotating at rpm. Page Control Panel Section Remove the seven screws. Remove the bottom plate. Rear view Bottom plate Remove the five screws. Bottom view Remove the four screws.

Disconnect the two connectors. Bottom view Disconnect the three flexible cables. Remove the shield case. Page 94 Remove the earth lead unit by removing the one screw. Remove the four DM screws. Earth lead unit Remove the four float spring G5s. Remove the slot-in mecha. Float spring G5 Damper Slot-in mecha. Page 95 Mecha. Cleaning paper : GED Remove the slot-in mecha. G11 Assy. Pickup lens Slot-in mecha. Page 96 Disconnect the flexible cable. Remove the five screws. Remove the three screws.

Remove the JOG section. Remove the SW ring. Caution: Be careful not to lost SW spring Page 97 Mount the two joint gears 2. Note: When mounting joint gears 2, engage the gears, being careful not to move joint gear 1.

Page Configuration mode setting connect to 2. Loop-in point adjust Loop-out point adjust 5. Cleaning Name Part No. Assy-S", "7.


Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 instruction manual and user guide





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