Balmaceda piso 12 - Antofagasta - Chile Correo de Contacto: h. With the presence today of over a thousand exhibiting companies from thirty different countries and all five continents, we are pleased to inaugurate the most important congregation for the national and international mining industry this year: Exponor The International Exhibition for the Mining Industry, an event which takes place every two years in the Region of Antofagasta, is a space in which the most important mining and industrial companies and suppliers from around the world come together and showcase important innovations and the technologies that will allow us to face up to the main challenges for competitiveness in this sector. Exponor is, without a doubt, a focal point for the development of new business, generating productive linkages and boosting technology transfers between companies, and especially towards local suppliers, who.

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Salomon Sack S.A. (Chile)



RegiĆ³n de Antofagasta


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