The right flavor and condiments in cheeses determinates its appearance and makes all the difference with competitors. We have all you need for add value to your product. Please contact us to find out your options and reach the flavor intensity that adjusts your requirements. They are excellent as natural antimicrobial.

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The right flavor and condiments in cheeses determinates its appearance and makes all the difference with competitors. We have all you need for add value to your product. Please contact us to find out your options and reach the flavor intensity that adjusts your requirements. They are excellent as natural antimicrobial. It is highly efficient against pathogenic bacteria, fungus and yeasts. Furthermore, they can prolong the shelf life of vacuum packed foods.

It gives a beautiful golden color and a delicate flavor and aroma to products like hams, with a crunchy texture. They can be applied in meat by immersion, spray or showered. Based on vegetal oils, they can be used directly in meat preparations.

Also they have antioxidant properties and they block undesirable flavors. Sometimes there is a need to improve the texture and juiciness of a meat, in these cases tenderizers are very helpful. This product can be applied by sprinkling it on the meat, before its cooking but also can be included in injection brines on process meats which are kept refrigerated or vacuum sealed. Sin embargo, un excelente acidulante con muy buenos resultados es la Glucono-delta-lactona G.

Bring to the product a very attractive and uniform color. Can be use in sausages by aspersion or dipping. Enhances both, meat and paprika colors in the mix that last all the manufacturing process, perfect for sausages, pate, hams and mortadella.

Perfect for sandwich, cocktails, barbecues or just adding to your favorite food, our dressings bring color and tasty flavors. Classic product of Chilean cuisine. Our rib marinades have the flavor, color, spices and consistency for an easy and quick preparation. We have different versions based on the spicy intensity, smoking grade and color. Proteins have de ability for form foams.

This property comes from the capacity to form a very thick layer in the liquid-gas interfase of solutions, which allows the bubbles to stay stable. The foam is stable due to the surface tension between the phases. In some products like ice creams, creams, mousses, and beers this property helps to give texture and volume to the food, however, for meats brine injections the foam is not wanted because it allows air to enter instead of brine inside de meat, which can cause oxidation, color changes and shelf life problems.

Depending on the process and amount of protein that the injection brine contains, it may become necessary to use food grade antifoams that basically break the superficial tension of the air-water interfase, breaking the bubbles even when the brine is someted to intense shaking. For this purpose fatty acids, are used. Please contact us to guide you about correct dosage and elaboration steps for brines, as well as machines and ingredients required. Antioxidants are a group of molecules with the ability to prevent oxygen consumption by biological systems.

They are compounds that reduce or avoid free radical formation, by the elimination of these unstable molecules or by its own oxidation. We count with both, natural and synthetic antioxidants which can prolong the shelf life of your food preparation.

Ingredient blends based on flour with flavors and condiments of your preference, to add a crunchy finish to every fried product. We have blends for meat, poultry and fish, with excellent raw materials and intense flavors. Blends of food ingredients that are applied on the surface of any kind of meat. They bring color, moisture and flavor to your preparation. Cochineal Carmine: the active molecule is the carminic acid, which turns its color depending on the pH level pink for acid and purple in basic solutions.

It comes from an insect named cochineal that lives in Mexico and Peru mostly. This natural colorant is widely used in desserts, ice creams, meats and beverages.

Annatto: This colorant comes from the seeds of the achiote tree and has an orange-red color. It is used in beverages, baked goods and ice creams among other products. Paprika: Both the spice and its concentrated extract give foods a beautiful red color. It is generally used in products like sausages.

Our exclusive colors are all natural and from vegetable sources, without additives or preservatives. We have several options depending on what you need, like solubility water or oil , light or heat stability, formats liquid, powder or paste among other customized requirements. These natural colorants can be used in dairy products, confectionery, desserts, beverages, meat products, sauces and dressings.

The right blend of natural spices in a meat product is what defines its flavor, aroma and sometimes its color. At TaglerFood we a have a wide variety of condiments designed for each kind of meat product, like sausages, hams, ribs, etc… And of course, we can prepare exclusive seasonings to respond your needs.

In the dairy industry, they are use to give proper consistency to products like ice cream, yogurts and desserts.

In this category are included all those pigments or substances that gives that attractive color to hams. Comes from an insect named cochineal that lives in Mexico and Peru mostly. Hemoglobin: Hemoprotein who gives the red color to animal blood. This colorant is widely used in blood sausages because not only gives color but also gives texture to the product with temperature the protein gelifies. Furthermore, this natural color can be used in products like hams, processed and cured meats.

We represent the Dutch company Sonac, which obtains food grade hemoglobin from pork blood without any molecular intervention. Paprika: Both the spice and concentrated extract gives to foods a beautiful red color.

It is used in products like sausages in general. The concept of a clean label respond to the word trending of consumers to seek natural foods, with none or with a very few synthetic additives, preferring natural alternatives with similar technological performances. Every day the consumers are more inform and demand for more natural foods in their diet.

However, for the food industry this has became an a huge challenge, innovating and looking for different options to elaborate process foods that stay fresh, maintain its appearance and with a reasonable price, but only using natural ingredients and by optimizing its process and by using biotechnological tools to make it. We also sell encapsulated extracts which are oleoresins or natural extracts converted into a powdered form, for better handling in food preparations.

Our wide variety of spices powdered, ground or in some cases in flakes and natural extracts includes:. We work with several natural colorants that allow us to give to meat products like burgers a perfect, intense and uniform meat color. The spoilage of a dairy product is highly affected by the presence and growth of pathogens like fungi or bacteria, which can make its shelf life shorter.

Natamicyn, also known as Piramicin is a natural antifungal, GMO-free. In Chile it can be only applied onto a hard-cheese surface. Natural and GMO-free preservative. Anti-bacterial agent that kills many kinds of Gram-Positive bacteria, like Clostridium botulinum, Staphylococcus aureus and Listeria monocytogenes. Enzyme coming from eggs whites, that inhibits the growth of sporulated bacteria like Clostridium tyrobutyricum , among other microorganisms. For dosage and applications of these additives outside from Chile, we strongly recommend consulting national legislation first.

During the freezing process, factors like temperature, freezing speed and size of the food determinates its quality. When a food product is slowly frozen, or affected by temperature changes during its storage time, ice crystals start growing, taking water off the proteins. The proteins cannot bind this water anymore, which generated nutritional, textural and flavor problems. The use of cryoprotectants improves the homogeneous ice crystal formation, avoiding protein damage during the thawing process.

Facilitates the precipitation of milk casein, changing its state from liquid to gel, which is one of the first steps to the cheese making process. A secondary function of rennet is to help with cheese maturation, a process responsible for the development of its unique flavor by the proteolityc effect of their enzymes. This product came from the Italian company Proquiga. They offer different kinds of enzymes for every dairy product.

We are their exclusive distributor. Our spice blends are very concentrated and flavor intense, so its dosage will be very low but very effective. We have several condiments for meats products like: all kind of sausages, pate, mortadella, hams and salami. Our wide variety of spices power, ground or in some cases in flakes and natural extracts includes:.

Starter cultures are generally bacterial and they are used in the cheese elaboration to transform lactose sugar into lactic acid, by fermentation. They also participate in yogurt elaboration. Furthermore, lactic ferments can be Homo-fermentatives producing big amounts of lactic acid, as it happens with lactobacillus lactis or Hetero-fermentative they just produce a reduce amount of lactic acid, but also gives aroma, flavors and cheese eyes.

We recommend these kind of products for a deep cleaning, reaching difficult access spots. The Unclogging Agents remove the dirt stuck in the machines without damaging stainless steel. Powerful cleaning agent made from salts and organic acid.

Removes effectively fats and proteins in stainless steels machines like injectors, tumblers and brine mixers. This product comes in a powder format, please follow the directions for its preparation indicated in its data sheet. Its performance is based on the harm produce in the bacterial cellular wall making impossible to growth and reproduce.

Our spice blends are made from these raw materials and can be perfectly customized. We have developed several options from spice condiments, with smoke or meat flavors, masking soy flavor or replacing salty flavors, among many other products.

A meat emulsion is a stable mix of proteins, water and fats. The emulsifiers help to stabilized emulsions by reducing the superficial tension produce by the contact between fat and water, providing a firm texture with a high water holding capacity avoiding any dripping. Sodium is a vital element for the hydric balance and for several metabolic processes in our organism. However, many process foods have important amounts of sodium, exceeded the daily intake, which can produce serious health problems thru years.

The Chilean government as well as many countries are controlling the maximum amounts of sodium in foods and its proper merchandizing. Here in TaglerFood we have the knowledge and the professionals to help you to make complete recipes with low sodium content, without significantly affect the flavor or texture of the following meat products:. Allow you to add a very attractive caramel-golden colored coating to hams and at the same time prevents it from drying out during baking or flame.

We have many types of ham coatings like smoked or sweet flavors and completely customized and also liquid or powder formats.


Emulsion Carnica.

Los aglutinantes son substancias que son empleadas en los alimentos utilizados en la acuacultura para incrementar la eficiencia en los procesos de manufactura, para reducir el desperdicio y para producir dietas estables en el agua. Por ejemplo, aglutinantes tales como las bentonitas, lignosulfonatos, hemicelulosas y carboximeticelulosa son usados primariamente dentro de las raciones alimenticias para incrementar la eficiencia del proceso de manufactura i. Alternativamente, agentes aglutinantes tales como polimetilcarbamida i. Los alginatos son agentes aglutinantes importantes, por su habilidad de producir dietas estables en el agua. Sin embargo, para preparaciones de dietas secas el gelatinizado prematuro de la mezcla alimenticia antes de peletizar tiene que ser controlado por el uso de agentes secuestradores como polifosfatos de sodio. Los ingredientes que repelen el agua o que contienen poco material gelatinizable cascarilla de arroz y avena, alfalfa, huesos y subproductos de animales debilitan un pelet. La dieta presentada debe tener la correcta apariencia i.






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