Menu page 45 - Choose an option page 46 - Indicator Display page 47 - Auto Mode page 48 - Shooting in Smart Auto Mode page 49 page 50 page 51 - Scene icons page 52 page 53 page 54 page 55 - Image stabilization icons page 56 - Common, Convenient Features page 57 - Using the self-timer page 58 - Using the self-timer to avoid camera sha Quick Links. Table of Contents. Camera User Guide. Compact digital camera with built-in flash, 5x optical, 4x digital, and 20x combined zoom with optical image stabilizer 11 pages.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Compact digital camera with built-in flash, 5x optical, 4x digital, and 20x combined zoom with optical image stabilizer 11 pages. A slim and compact camera, packed with a 8x zoom 2 pages.

This guide will familiarize with how to use the camera correctly. Keep the guide handy for future reference, Display images in an index. Moving the lever again will increase the number Page 3 Browsing and FHtering images Navigating Through images Using Jump Display To find images on a memory card full of images, you can jump by a specific number of images or method.

Choose a jump method. You can magnify images up to about 10x by continuing to hold the zoom lever. To zoom out, move the zoom lever toward You can return to single-image display Page 5 image Viewing Options Automatically play back images from a memory card as follows.

Access the setting screen. Configure the setting. Choose a menu item to configure, and then choose the desired option Page 6 Protect important images to prevent accidental erasure by the camera p. Choose [Protect]. Choose an image.

Page 7 You can choose and erase unneeded images one by one. Be careful when erasing images, because they cannot be recovered.

Choose an image to erase. Erase the image. Press the A button. After [Erase? Page 8 Change the orientation of images and save them as follows. Choose [Rotate]. Rotate the image. Page 9 mage editing pp. Save a copy of images at a lower resolution. Choose [Resize]. Page 11 [Low], [Medium], or [High].

Automatically corrects images affected by red-eye. You can save the corrected image as a separate file. Page 12 Editing Still images Some images may not be corrected accurately. To overwrite the original image with the corrected image, choose [Overwrite] in step 4. In this case, the original image will be erased. Protected images cannot be overwritten. Customize commonly used functions as desired, for greater convenience p.

Silence camera sounds and movies as follows. Choose [Mute], and then choose [On]. Operation can also be silenced by holding down the v button as you turn the Sound is not played during movies if you mute camera sounds p. If you prefer, you can deactivate this information. Screen Brightness Adjust screen brightness Page 17 Adjusting Basic Camera Functions Before using a new memory card or a card formatted in another device, should format the card with this camera.

Formatting erases all data on a memory card. Before formatting, copy images on the memory card to a computer, or take other steps to back them up. Lowqevel formatting erases all data on a memory card. You can change how the camera assigns file numbers. Choose [File Numbering], and then choose an option. Page 20 Adjusting Basic Camera Functions Lens Retraction Timing The lens is normally retracted for safety about one minute after you press the button in Shooting mode p.

To have the lens retracted immediately after you press the [] button, set the retraction timing to [0 sec. Access the [Language] screen. Press the Av buttons to choose language, and then press the button. You can easily check the charge state of the battery by attaching the cover so that A is visible on a charged battery, and attaching it so that. Recommended when using the camera over extended periods, or when connecting the camera to a printer or computer.

Cannot be used to charge camera battery. For details on connection or how to switch inputs, refer to the TV manual. Page 29 Using Optional Accessories Turn the camera on. Press the [] button to turn the camera Images from the camera are now displayed on the TV. Nothing is displayed on the camera screen. When finished, turn off the camera and TV before disconnecting the cable. Page 30 Using Optional Accessories insert the coupler.

Insert the coupler facing the direction shown, just as you would a battery following step 2 on p. Make sure the coupler cable passes through the port. Close the cover. Make sure the camera is off. Page 32 Using Optional Accessories Connect the power cord. Insert the adapter plug into the end of the compact power adapter, and then plug the other end into a power outlet.

Insert one end of the power cord into the Turn the camera on and use it as desired. Screens displayed and available functions vary by printer. Page 34 Printing images is displayed. Access the printing screen. Press the button. Print the image. Printing now begins. Page 35 Printing images Access the printing screen. Follow steps 1 - 6 on p. Configure the settings. Press the ,A. Specify a desired image area to print p.

Page 36 Printing images Cropping images Before Printing Trimming By cropping images before printing, you can print a desired image area instead of the entire image. Choose [Trimming]. After following step 1 on p. Choose a paper size.

Bordered Prints with blank space around the image. Borderless Borderless, edge-to-edge printing. N-up Choose how many images to print per sheet. ID Photo Prints images for identification purposes. Only available for images with a resolution of L. Fixed Size Choose the print size. Page 39 You can also print the folder number, file number, and elapsed time for the frame by setting [Caption] to [On]. To cancel printing in progress, press the button.

Page 40 Printing images Configuring Print Settings Specify the printing format, whether to add the date or file number, and other settings as follows. These settings apply to all images in the print list. Page 41 No. Index printing is not available on some Canon PictBridge-compatible printers sold separately.


Canon PowerShot A810

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