If a pitcher turns or spins off of his free foot without actually stepping or if he turns his body and throws before stepping, it is a balk. A pitcher is to step directly toward a base before throwing to that base, and is required to throw except to second base because he steps. It is a balk if, with runners on first and third, the pitcher steps toward third and does not throw, merely to bluff the runner back to third; then seeing the runner on first start for second, turn and step toward and throw to first base. It is legal for a pitcher to feint a throw to second base.

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Babe Ruth League, Inc. Southern Pitt 6. He hit 4 homeruns and batted. He also pitched in the semi-final game against MARA striking out 11 batters and holding them to only 2 hits and no runs allowed. Final Game Details: 6th inning Down 6 to 1 in the bottom of the 6th. Sam Goethel walked and then Evan Netherland singled to right field making it 6 to 3 with bases loaded and no outs.

Conner Strong then hit the next pitch over the left field fence striking the scoreboard making it a walk off Grand Slam to win the game 7 to 6. We were welcomed with open arms from the beginning and had a great experience.

From the fields at Saratoga, to the accommodations in Wilson, and the local restaurants we visited, we had a great time. We enjoyed our time down here and welcome you to the Glen Allen, Virginia community any time. Players cannot turn 9 before May 1 of the tournament year. Player roster: to player roster with 10 players batting in order 11 with EH. An Extra Hitter EH can be used as the 11th batter.

If a team elects this option, it must start with the EH and end with the EH or forfeit the game. There will be four outfielders. ALL outfielders must remain in the grass area of the outfield cannot be positioned in the infield at any time. The player can assume another position but cannot re-enter as a pitcher in that game.

Each batter receives a maximum of five pitches. If the batter strikes out, or if the ball has not been hit into play after five pitches, the batter is out. If the batter fouls the 5th pitch, batter will receive pitches as long as batter continues to foul pitches. The half inning is over when three outs are made. Field dimensions: Standard Cal Ripken Division base length of 60 ft. Pitching machine: The pitching machine is placed at 46 ft. The front two legs of the machine must be placed in front of the pitching rubber best if up against the front edge of the rubber or at least the front edge of any underground base for the pitching rubber.

Coaches are not allowed to check the machine before their team bats. Only umpires may decide if adjustments should be made. The umpire will feed the machine. Machine should be checked prior to batting. Only the umpire can make adjustments during play. This is a judgment call and thus not subject to protest. Dead ball: A. The ball will be declared dead when the defensive team stops the lead runner or the runner abandons the effort to advance. Once play has been stopped, no other runners may advance beyond the last base tagged.

The ball will be declared dead when a player is injured and in the umpire's judgment is unable to continue the play. If a batted fair ball hits any part of the pitching machine without touching any defensive player first, the ball is immediately dead.

The batter will be awarded first base. All other runners return to the base that they occupied before the ball was hit unless forced to advance as a result of the batter being awarded first base Rule 5.

If a batted fair ball is first touched by a defensive player and then hits any part of the pitching machine, it is a live ball. If a batted fair ball touches an umpire on fair territory before it touches an infielder including the pitcher, or touches an umpire before it has passed an infielder other than the pitcher, the ball is dead and the batter is awarded first base.

All other runners return to the base they occupied before the ball was hit unless forced to advance as a result of the batter being awarded first base Rule 5. If a thrown ball hits any part of the pitching machine, it is a live ball. Bunting: Bunting is allowed. If the batter offers to bunt then she must bunt the ball or pull the bat back to take the pitch.

If the batter offers to bunt, pulls the bat back and then swings at the pitch, the batter will automatically be declared out by the umpire. Courtesy Runner: The catcher may have a courtesy runner run for them every time they are up to bat. Each courtesy runner used must be a player who is not in the game at the time.

Each courtesy runner may only pinch run once per inning. Base stealing: Base stealing is not permitted. Runner s leaving their base s before the batter hits the ball or before the ball reaches home plate shall be regulated by the Special Base Running Rule found in the current edition of Babe Ruth League Baseball rules book according to comment 3 under the Cal Ripken Baseball — Rookie and T-Ball League Rules and Regulations found in the same rule book.

The runner s will not be called out. Baseballs: Must use approved Cal Ripken baseballs. Umpires: Two umpires will be on the field at all times one on the field and one at home plate, behind the batter. One will feed the pitching machine. Southern Pitt 6 E.


Baseball Rule Books

The rules of baseball differ slightly from league to league, but in general share the same basic game play. There are several major rules, which differ only slightly. The rules are also published in book form in North America by the Sporting News. Many amateur and youth leagues use the "OBR" with only a few modifications for safety. The baseball rulebook of the National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA , aside from governing the games of that organization's members, is also used by several other competitions involving college-aged players. For the origins of the game, see Origins of baseball. Unlike many other sports, the Official Baseball Rules have remained mainly static during the modern era of the game.


Baseball rules



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