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La Palabra de Dios en TU idioma. Descubra una nueva forma de interactuar con la Palabra pura de Dios y dar a otros acceso gratuito a las Buenas Nuevas. Se agregan nuevos idiomas mensualmente. Todas las donaciones de EE. Son deducibles de impuestos. This app is phenomenal and has gotten me so much further in the Bible than I have ever gotten before just in the past weeks.

I am not much of a reader and when I try to read, I fall asleep, and I wanna continue to dive deep into the Word, and these dramatized audio books help me to do just that.

Everything was going well with the simple layout and pretty quick Bible book downloads for offline usage as well. However, when this new update came out and I updated the app, it deleted all of my downloads and now I had to make an account. Also it takes 3 times as long to download all the books and chapters and the app keep glitching where if I pause in the middle of a chapter, any of them, and maybe go to another app, and then come back to it, even a few seconds later, it buffers FOREVER.

Also, every time I close the app, I have to log back in instead of it just automatically having me logged in. And the new layout not including the extra features like the videos and bible plans, etc. The old one was simpler and easier to utilize and faster.

This one is a lot slower and has more defects unfortunately. I downloaded the app about a month ago or so. A great way to reclaim lost time and build your faith. Have you ever went into a store and then after you leave you have a song or a tune on your heart? It stores the word on your heart.

If used regularly it creates a huge platform in your heart for God to draw from when you need it. I am literally shocked at all the scripture that flows into my conversations. Out of the overflow of the heart your mouth speaks the Bible says.

This app will assist you in building that overflow. This is a great way to get the word into your children. We would play the Bible every night at bed time. Your kids will be bringing up scripture and growing in a Christian world view. You can create an overflow in their hearts just by being faithful to turn the word on at bed time.

You will be shocked when your kids bring up Old Testament life examples and relate them to daily living and much more. In order for this application to be accessible with voiceover, three things need to be done.

The media player icon is not visible to the screen reader user very easily without having to essentially weasel through the window. The way that the design is unfortunately does not permit voiceover users to find easily the option to play because everything is all combined into one window. We will need to make final adjustments to that. One app you might use as a reference for how you might want to design is the Bible Gateway app.

Their player is a separate window by itself. And then you can adjust the audio player that you choose. I suggest this as an idea because unfortunately when you have a design such as this it is not very user-friendly. No I have heard from many people that visually the application looks nice and very well organized. But the downside is unfortunately voiceover users will not be able to use this app very efficiently, without having to as I said deal with things getting in the way such as the screen at the far right-hand side where the welcome text is.

As I said unfortunately I did not see a player icon, there was a download icon. But there is not an actual play button. Where you could actually play the audio. Unfortunately anyway. If you need further suggestions, let me know. Requiere iOS Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch. Capturas de pantalla iPhone iPad. Novedades Historial de actualizaciones. Compatibilidad Requiere iOS Precio Gratis.

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