Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Installation Manual. Operating Instructions Network Camera. Please read this manual before using, and save this manual for future reference. Table of Contents.

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Ceiling-mounted Dome Network Camera This fixed, dome-shaped network camera is designed to be mounted on the ceiling. The mounting bracket is integrated with the camera body, so there is no need for a special, separate mounting fixture.

The camera mounts directly to the ceiling. Its attractive, simple design will not detract from the room's appearance. This lets you exchange information with walkie-talkie type communication. The talk button and listen button cannot be used simultaneously. Depending on data traffic and the network environment, the audio may be delayed or may break up. Cards can also be carried about easily, so data can be shared with other equipment.

Panasonic has been providing solutions cooperating with partnership companies all around the world. Application solutions. Design Tools. Documentation Database. Panasonic Device integration. Case Studies All list. Product Selector. New Products. Accessory Selector. Where to buy. Contact us. Key Feature. Download Please search products in the download site. Where to buy Panasonic has been providing solutions cooperating with partnership companies all around the world.

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Panasonic BB-HCM403A Operating Instructions Manual

You can take front seat viewing your subject in many different applications such as a web browser, video display, compatible cell phone or even a PDA. It is an easy to install and requires no software to view on the PC. Each camera has its own built in IP address which allows you to track the camera very easily. The B B-HCMA is equipped with a 10x zoom function that allows you to zoom in and out in a total of 10 steps to view objects that are close or far away.


Panasonic BB-HCM403A - network surveillance camera Specs & Prices


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