He served as the founding managing director of the think-tank Orkestra named after his concept of orchestration — The Basque Institute of Competitiveness, in the Basque Country of Spain. He is a frequent expert contributor on CNN for topics on strategy and innovation. Professor Ruelas-Gossi has written several articles for Harvard Business School Publishing with a worldwide impact, which have been cited extensively and reprinted in multiple languages. It has been considered in both recent books and articles as an essential part of the new taxonomy of the field of strategy. His articles are consistently top stories at HBR.

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You actually learn to think in a different way. If you put a little effort you get an A. Alejandro Ruelas-Gossi. Professor in the Management department at University of Miami. Professor Ruelas-Gossi's Top Tags.

Participation matters Skip class? You won't pass. Get ready to read Amazing lectures Group projects. Flag this rating. Check out Similar Professors in the Management Department 5. May 24th, For Credit: Yes. One of the best professors in UM, he will open your mind-show you a different way of looking the business world. He is very acknowledged, has written Harvard business cases.

Get ready to read cases every week, write analyses, and fat final project. Respected Amazing lectures So many papers. Mar 6th, His class is interesting and this guy really knows a lot of things!

He is nice to everyone and definitely an easy grader. Gives good feedback Respected Amazing lectures. Dec 19th, I think Dr. Gossi was among the most forward thinking professors I ever encountered at UM. He shared his own modernized framework for analyzing a companys strategic decisions and tactics. While you do not need to agree with everything he says, his ideas are thought provoking and I would encourage you to enroll in his course. Go to class, do the hw.

Gives good feedback Get ready to read Participation matters. Jan 3rd, For Credit: No. Professor Ruelas-Gossi is not fit to teach at a Master's level. His grading criteria seems to change throughout the course which renders his already poor feedback useless. Avoid if possible. Dec 10th, Hard to understand.

Vague expectations, poor feedback. Nov 10th, Although the course was very demanding, getting an A is not impossible. The group project is very time consuming and takes up a large chunk of your overall grade as does participation. Make sure not to miss class and participate - can't stress this enough. Aug 23rd, Get ready to read Skip class? Jun 6th, Best class I took at UM. He makes you think differently from how you've been taught at UM.

It is easy to get an A as long as you show him you want to be a part of the class. Get ready to read Participation matters Skip class? Apr 27th, Ruelas-Gossi spends a lot of time on very few topics.

You need to do the readings and participate in class in order to do well. Dec 20th, This is vague and he does not provide the grades throughout the semester so you have no idea where you stand. This allows for a vague and subjective grading policy. Also, grades are never posted so you don't know how you are doing until final grades are released.

Skip class? All Rights Reserved.


Alejandro Ruelas-Gossi





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