Folklore students solicited faculty and fellow student input about the core texts that have been useful in preparing their reading lists for candidacy exams. Below is a very in-progress list. About The Patrick B. Mullen Endowment The Daniel R. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church St.

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The scope of the journal includes a variety of different pieces that range from original theoretical works to original research and analyses; to documents and interpretations; to applications or application based works; to educational works, meta-analyses, critiques, evaluations, and book reviews.

Basic publication principles include article originality, high potential to receive citations, and suitability with academic standards. The scientific, ethical, and legal responsibilities belong to the article authors. Articles can be written in either in Turkish or English. Authors whose articles are accepted for publication will receive a hard copy of the journal and a pdf of their article. No royalties will be paid to the author.

Published articles can be published elsewhere as long as it stated in the masthead. Scientific - Academic Principles The goal of a scientific article is to disseminate its findings acquired from research conducted by experienced field researchers, to the larger scientific community. Scientific ethics is the starting point of a study. Articles with exceptional academic quality that are accepted to the journal should contain an Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion section.

In the introduction, a clear and concise description of the problem the article is covering should be given. In the methods section, how the problem was approached should be described in detail and the choice of scientific method used should be explained and justified.

Upon receiving approval from the Publication Committee and Editor, the article is sent to two expert reviewers in the associated field. During the evaluation period, the article will go through a blind review process. Authors are required to make the suggested or necessary corrections during the evaluation process. In the event where authors disagree with the suggestions made, they need to indicate this with justifications. The final decision is made by the Publication Committee. Articles sent to the journal are not returned.

Spacing should be set at 1. End of sentence words should not be separated according to their syllables. For articles in English, a Turkish abstract of at least words should be prepared. Primary sources must be indicated when secondary source citations are used. Year , Volume 25 , Issue 99, Pages - Zotero Mendeley EndNote. Siyaset ve ahlak. Yasama dergisi, 11, Aslan, F. Aydemir, U. Bascom, W.

Ankara: Geleneksel. Boratav, P. Halk dilinde hiciv ve mizah. Folklor ve Edebiyat II. Ankara: BilgeSu. Dundes, A. Doku, metin ve konteks. Halk kimdir. Ekici, M. Morreal, J. Ankara: Grafiker. Doktora Tezi. Tan, N. Tekin, T. Tufan, Y. Uslu, M. Uygun, İ. DOI: Full Text File. Authors of the Article. Publication Date : August 1, BARS, M.



Important User Information: Remote access to EBSCO's databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use. However, remote access to EBSCO's databases from non-subscribing institutions is not allowed if the purpose of the use is for commercial gain through cost reduction or avoidance for a non-subscribing institution. Source: Milli Folklor. Abstract: Marija Stanonik, in her Literary Folklore, a pluridisciplinary approach to a synchretic phenomenon, tries to determine, at the textual level, the differential position of several researchers of literary folklore, starting from the theoretical data of structural linguistics partly semiotics.


Folklore and Folklife Studies: The Discipline of Analyzing Traditions (May 2013): Works Cited

American Folklore: An Encyclopedia , ed. Attebery, Jennifer Eastman. Backyard Visionaries: Grassroots Art in the Midwest , ed. University Press of Kansas, Bauman, Richard. Cambridge, Bendix, Regina.

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