Fix GUI bugs 2. Fix remote OCX display wrong value in setting page 3. Fix remote cannot management HDD issue Improved 1. Improve Nand flash stability 2.

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Fix GUI bugs 2. Fix remote OCX display wrong value in setting page 3. Fix remote cannot management HDD issue Improved 1. Improve Nand flash stability 2. Improve re-connect speed New Feature 1.

Extend camera login password to maximum words 2. Remote add bit-rate log function 3. Support HDMI volume adjust 4. Add schedule reboot function 5. Add Event alarm report dialog 6. Add system information display. TOP firmware 1.

Gmail failed 2. GUI bugs 3. Two way audio Improved 1. Search best profile for channel rule 2. Record file system to increase record data stability New Feature 1. Add keep record minimum days 2. Support Onvif 2. Fix WDS can't connect. Plug, Firmware version R1. It will not show the numbers like or Fix CGI security issue. Make sure the power, network environment are normal when you update this firmware version. TOP Firmware Version 1. Added Event Alarm List. Added playback in live view with each single channel.

Improved: 1. Improved onvif compatible. Improved Division Switching speed. Fixed: 1. Fixed camera SDK1 discover protocol 3. Fixed IP input control in IE. Fixed calculate hard disk free space display wrong issue. DHCP server no re-start even commit setup, to prevent lost lease list. Improve night mode image quality. Samba recording, recycle function fail.

Streaming stop working while change parameter continuously. Fix activex crash in IE Added Install Wizard 3. Added camera status dialog 4. Added DHCP server 5.

Improved camera SDK1 image quality 2. Improved user interface issue 3. Improved search ip camera process 4. Improved onvif compatible 5. Improved re-connect to camera timing after setting 6. Improved rtsp server output performance Fixed: 1. Fixed remote audio not smooth issue 2. Added 32ch division 2.

Multiple Monitor Support 3. Added E-MAP 4. Added 64bit version 5. Added multi-language 6. Fixed user interface issue. Fix Wireless Schedule 2. Fix 3G Dongle Option Icon issue. Modify exposure setting for better video quality. Added SD card fail notification.

Fixed Video overlay truncated issue. Fixed Event Schedule UI truncated issue when display resolution is on x Fixed IR-Cut schedule fail issue. Fixed USB device recording list get the wrong files 5. Fixed the stream list. Added Gmail option in Mail server 2. Improved DIDO performance. Improved Firmware upgrade process. Improved performance and image quality. Added auto get exposure value and remove refresh button manual mode.

Added pull-down function list in Event Schedule. Bug Fixed: 1. Support E-map function. Up to 3 different event actions on motion detection in each channel. UI customization. Improved performance and faster operation speed. Improved playback engine and easier to playback. Added quick setup on camera setting remove all, copy to another channel.

Editable channels in group view. Added popup alarm action. Added showing DI and motion status on channel. Added channel tool box configuration.

Synchronized camera naming rule. Fixed remote upgrade firmware fail. Fixed playback speed issue. Fixed snapshot error. Modified Object Counting default parameters. Added detecting line in Object Counting. Added pull-down list in Face Detection Quantity. Expanded the IVS saved data. Added system log and file name in Auto Daily Report. Added Interval to 10 seconds in iMotion and e-Fence. Added a description in IVS event. Set IVS setting preview window to large scale.

Fixed the Face Detection Interval to Delay between each event. Fixed reset Counter function failed. Fixed Counter result will be reset when switching the Auto Export mode. IPTV passthrough issue. DNS resolver issue. Fix WDR issue.


AirLive WT-2000R User Manual

The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in any part or as a whole, stored, transcribed in an. All products, company, brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Specifications are subject to be changed without prior notice. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device pursuant to Part. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against radio interference in a. This equipment can generate, use and radiate radio frequency energy and, if not.


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