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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Copyright and Warranty Notice. The information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not.

No warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, is made with respect to the. In no event shall the. Product names appearing in this manual are for identification purpose only and. This document contains materials protected under International Copyright Laws. No part of this manual may be reproduced, transmitted or transcribed. If you do not properly set the motherboard settings, causing the motherboard to.

Table of Contents. Sg series intel pentium 4 system board socket 56 pages. Summary of Contents for Abit SE6 Page 1 Copyright and Warranty Notice The information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on part of the vendor, who assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors that may appear in this manual. No warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, is made with respect to the quality, accuracy or fitness for any particular part of this document.

Page 5: Chapter 1. AIMM is a lower cost alternative to a video card. The CNR Slot provides audio, modem and network connectivity. Page 6: Package List Specifications and information contained in this manual are subject to change without notice. Package List Check the following list. If there is any items damaged or missing, please contact your local dealer.

Layout Diagram Figure The System Block Diagram Figure Page 9: Chapter 2. Installing the Motherboard This SE6 motherboard not only provides all standard equipment for classic personal computers, but also provides great flexibility for meeting future upgrade demands.

This chapter will introduce step by step all of the standard equipment and will also present, as completely as possible, future upgrade capabilities. Just cut the bottom portion of the spacers the spacers may be a little hard to cut, so mind your fingers. Step 2.

Step 3. Before touching any electronic components, make sure you first touch an unpainted, grounded metal object to discharge any static electricity stored on your clothing or body. Page 12 Chapter2 Figure Page 13 Installing the Motherboard damaged overheating. Page 14 Chapter2 utility or other similar utilities.

Note: Watch the pin position and the orientation Note: Watch the pin position and the orientation. There are several Header functions that come from these two headers. Page 18 PIN 14 No connection disk drive on their computer system. Page 19 Please Figure Figure shows the SE6 back panel connectors. Note: A red mark on a wire typically These connectors are for connection to outside designates the location of pin 1.

You can connect an external modem, mouse or other devices that support this communication protocol to this connector. You can decide which external device you want to connect to COM1.

Page Chapter 3. This program will not be lost when you turn the computer off. This program is also referred to as the boot program. It is the only channel the hardware circuit has to communicate with the operating system. The default setting is MHz. Figure Time hh:mm:ss : You can set the time in this item: hour hh , minute mm and second ss. Most current HDDs have already been subjected to low-level format at the factory, so you can probably skip this operation. The minimum number you can enter is 0, the maximum number you can enter is Precomp: The minimum number you can enter is 0, the maximum number you can enter is If you do not really understand each of the options in this menu, we recommend you use the default values.

Two items will be available: Enabled and Disabled. When you choose Enabled, the specific program can read your processor's serial number. Typematic Rate Setting: This item allows you to adjust the keystroke repeat rate. When set to Enabled, you can set the two keyboard typematic controls that follow Typematic Rate and Typematic Rate Delay. They may need a longer amount of time to initialize and prepare for activation.

Since the BIOS may not detect those kinds of devices during system booting. The default setting is 3. The default setting is 64M. This option specifies the amount of system memory that can be used by the AGP device. The aperture is a portion of the PCI memory address range dedicated for graphics memory address space. Page Integrated Peripherals Chapter3 The default setting is Enabled.

Page 36 Chapter3 Power On Function: This item allows you to select which way you want your system to power on. Default setting is Button Only. The default setting is Half. Some IR device only can work at half duplex mode. With this feature, when the computer is powered on but inactive, the power consumption is reduced in order to save energy. When the computer operates normally, it is in Normal mode.

ACPI features include:! Power management control of individual devices, add-in cards some add-in cards may require an ACPI-aware driver , video displays, and hard disk drives. The processor is not executing instructions. Dynamic RAM context is maintained. Power Resources are in a state compatible with the system S1 state. The default setting is Disabled.

Page 42 Chapter3 up your computer by PCI devices. This feature also allows the PCI card built-in hardware function to support the wake up function without special cables connected to the motherboard.

This section covers some very technical items and it is strongly recommended that only experienced users should make any changes to the default settings. Page 44 Chapter3 Figure This option can solve the display inversion to black after you have used the MPEG card. Load Fail-Safe Defaults Figure Set Password Figure Set Password Screen Shot Set Password: You can enter but do not have the right to change the options of the setup menus. When you select this function, the following message will appear at the center of the screen to assist you in creating a password.

Page Appendix A. If not, you can go to the CD location and execute the execution file at the main directory of this CD-Title. Page 50 Appendix A The Welcome screen appears. Page Appendix B. Page 52 Appendix B The License screen appears.

Page Appendix C. After it has been executed you will see the screen below. Page 54 Appendix C The Welcome screen appears. The install shield is now loading. Page Appendix D. Page 56 Appendix D The License screen appears. Now you can choose the folder for the destination location you want to install the driver. Page Appendix E. But you have to install the Windows NT 4. Page 58 Appendix E The Welcome screen appears.


ABIT SE6 Manuals

Users can also read the system temperature as well as one more temperature using the external thermistor header. Unfortunately, ABIT does not include the thermistor cable like they have in the past. Moreover, there are three fan connectors on the motherboard, and users can read the speeds of all those three fans in the PC Health panel. In the past, ABIT motherboards always had stability problems, but that has changed over the years. Now ABIT motherboards are among the best when talking about stability.


Abit SE6 User Manual



abit kr7a-133r User Manual


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