Medical evacuation, often shortened to MEDEVAC or MEDIVAC, 9-line MEDEVAC is the timely and efficient movement and en route care provided by medical personnel to wounded being evacuated from a battlefield or combat zone to injured patients being evacuated from the scene of an accident to receiving medical facilities, or to patients at a rural hospital requiring urgent care at a better-equipped facility using medically equipped ground vehicles ambulances or aircraft air ambulances. And it is a standardized report to be 9 lines long for simplicity and communication. Most common when referring to a 9 line though is a MedEvac request. Ensure you have a safe LZ Landing Zone for the landing party. Once in the air, the operator will relay the final four lines in the same manner given.

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Can you put a soldier out of his misery? Am I the only combat medic to answer this so far? Yes you can. Medics are taught how to but not instructed to. Full stop. In the rare case that a soldier is mortally wounded no way to maintain an airway or control bleeding and no higher medical assets within a reasonable time … then a medic could administer an extra ampule of morphine or two.

And conscience. Then watch them convulse every few minutes for a couple of hours. Then finally they stop responding to your voice or even painful stimulus. Brain death is setting in.

It takes a few minutes or a few days. Every minute you have a seriously wounded soldier in your unit you have medics that are out of the fight. You also have a much more complicated command situation. They also never talk about it. In the movies there is always an EVAC helicopter with escort available and ready to risk anything to get to the wounded. In almost all cases, the wounded will live to see the operating room.

In some form. Combat wounded are intense. Gunfire is still raging in many cases. People are yelling, confusion is everywhere. The medic will be well trained but under a lot of stress. They know that they have to address breathing and bleeding in 2—3 minutes. They also need to avoid causing further injury and find any hidden wounds. While doing this they have to coordinate any available soldiers with combat lifesaver training to assist them with this or other injured.

Finally, they also have to constantly keep the command apprised of the situation. Who has X injury? Can they return to the fight? Do they need to be evacuated from battle or can we take them with us? If they need to go NOW, how long do they realistically have? Can we ground evac through the combat or do we need a bird? While answering all of that the medic has assessed the wounded. Tried to control the bleeding and established a secure airway.

Then they need to find a vein for an IV super hard on a patient with blood loss or missing limbs. Once this is done the medic will check the field dressings, the IV, the breathing. Record the wounds and vitals. Often in black sharpie on the forehead if patient is unconscious- as awful as that sounds it works well. Your platoon SGT is dad and doc is mom.

Great question. I hope someone who actually held this responsibility in combat can clear it up a little. Mind the poor quality. I did mention one of the many but, this was the only one that was taken without me knowing, there were no "Is the lighting alright?

A little walk down the memory lane wouldn't hurt. It was taken in my University where I had to leave home and face the world on my own. Like what everyone else faced, nothing new just the same old home sick, pain, back stabbing, meeting selfish people, fake friends, yearning to be loved, feeling lonely and than I met this guy. She was stray a dog.

I soon discovered a soft spot for her within me and we grew to become real close. She's always there accompanying me through late night strolls around the campus. It was comforting to know that you could trust someone in that super competitive University world where everyone was just trying to outrun you Till one day, the management had gotten rid of her.

That too in the most atrocious way possible. The dog catchers had flung chains around her neck and dragged her away from the campus. Tears run down my cheeks even now as I reminisce the last moments of her.

Anyway, this picture holds so much love and genuineness that I doubt any other human could have. This picture was taken early in the morning before our hiking program, she hiked with us all the way to the top. Not really. The 9 Line is basically the Army's version of calling in tactical field cases where calling itself is unavailable.

One of the big differences is that when a Soldier calls in a 9 Line, they're expected to know all the lines and read off all the information to the medical unit dispatcher at the other end of the radio, who in theory should only have to acknowledge the radio call and not really have to say anything else in theory… in reality sometimes they do have to coach the Soldier calling in thru the lines of need be, but that's the exception to the norm.

So you start with telling them your call back info and address, next three lines are how many people are hurt and how badly and you telling them what tools to bring, whether the people who caused the injuries are still hanging around or not, and how your gonna flag down the responders the last couple lines are particularly the NBC line, are rather military specific.

Now if you ever have to call , the dispatcher will indeed basically ask all those same questions. If for whatever technical reasons th Dispatchers computer doesn't automatically pull up that info that is indeed one of the first questions they'll ask you, your phone number and address of the emergency. Lines 1 and 2. Are they bleeding? From where? Are any of the vehicles rolled over? Is anyone pinned inside?

Even Line 6 they'll ask if the person who shot or stabbed or assaulted the other person is still in the area. Line 7 is less a question and more the Dispatcher telling you to make sure the house lights are on, theres someone out on the curb to flag down the ambulance, etc.


What is a 9-line MEDEVAC and easy procedures to call it

Line 3. Line 4. Line 6. Line 7. Line 8. Line 9. Sponsored advertisement:.


9 Line MEDEVAC Request


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